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2LOCAL - Make it local and sustainable Purchases that are accessible to everyone

Hello friends all still with me Ade prayoga. This time I will provide information about a very interesting project for you to know about in a new cryptocurrency called 2LOCAL. Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still needs efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

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We dream of a better future and try to make it happen. Our dream is without inequality, injustice and malnutrition, and is built on the sustainable use of natural resources. We want to give each individual a place in the new global economy in the future, which is more local, less busy, and happier overall. We will consume less and be different, focusing not on economic growth, but on sustainable development and prosperity. We will not try for more, but for better.

We are not looking for a utopian economy, but an economy that takes into account all dimensions of its people: the social, ecological and economic spheres. Following recommendations from many scientific and policy reports, we look for solutions with a local approach. Using modern cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology, we want to make local and sustainable products accessible, so that prosperity can be achieved for everyone.

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Achieving sustainability and prosperity requires a process of transformation. We need to move from competition and community preservation to cooperation and renewal. Our core values ​​are developed by transforming competitive self-interest into bridging cooperatives, facilitated by the local 2 cashback system. Our vision is inspired by cultural relativism, moving away from closed-group preservatives that support symbiosis for everyone. We achieve this by asking people only a small amount of money to participate.


We make local and sustainable purchases accessible and work towards a society that acknowledges the cultural differences between people. One key way we increase access for all is requiring only Euro 2,50 to participate. This ensures more diverse involvement, inviting a range of people to engage with each other and their local societies.


To move a global problem closer to a solution, consumers engage with locally connected companies through the new cryptocurrency, L2L-coin. This approach allows us to trigger movements that are centered on goods and services that are smaller scale, sustainable and locally produced and distributed.


2Local aims to make global sustainability and prosperity accessible by eradicating global poverty and hunger and solving environmental and climate problems. Consumers buying local, sustainable products receive cash back to make subsequent purchases easier.


Our strategy is centered on developing a new payment system, utilizing blockchain technology in an innovative way. This system spreads digital currencies that can be accessed by everyone and provides cash back for local and sustainable purchases.


Overview: Transforming power competition into cooperation and preservation into renewal

Achieving sustainability and prosperity demands a transformation process. We must move from competition and societal preservation to cooperation and renewal.

We start with a general characterization of successive situations that we envision in our society. These events are put on a row of colored circles, see figure below. In each occasion, we refer to the future of our 2local system, which we described above and below the circles.

To get a grip on monitoring and controling the transformation process in the figure below we see the events in our society as the result of the interplay between polarities, like Yin-Yang. We combine the opposite events to each other in nested circles. Starting with the outer circle (beige-turquoise) we supply our core values.

Our core values are developed by turning competitive self-interest into cooperative bridging, facilitated by a 2local cashback system.The next inward-facing circle (purple-yellow) lead to our vision. Our vision is inspired by cultural relativism, moving away from preservative closed groups in favor of synergy and symbiosis for everyone. We achieve this by asking people for only a small amount of money to participate. The red-green circle delivers our mission. Our mission aims to realize reciprocal solidarity by transforming competition into cooperative bonding in 2local communities, facilitated by 2local cryptocurrencies. The inner circle (blueorange) furnishes our strategy. Our strategy breaks from the norm, leveraging blockchain technology to work toward innovative renewal. This is summarized in the figure below, reordered by competition versus cooperation and preservation versus renewal.



Through the sale of L2L tokens, proceeds become available and stored in deposits in the form of one or more other stable coins. In addition, L2L tokens are placed as a backup for each L2L token sold. No value is extracted from the L2L token. The application of an algorithm ensures that the L2L token is, and remains, a stable coin. The 'stablecoin supported algorithm' level is maintained the same as the dollar level, adjusted for inflation, through the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The level of excessive increase is corrected by selling L2L tokens and the level of excessive increase is corrected by buying L2L tokens.

Profit in the system is distributed via the cashback system to the participants of 2local.


L2L token is scheduled to go live on December 2, 2021. A fee is deducted from every transfer, which is stored in a buffer.


Transfer fees are saved in a deposit. They are paid once a month to people who have bought from a connected company supported by 2local, as cashback. To reach the basic form of payment, a limit is placed on the number of L2L tokens that will be distributed per wallet. We assume that the number of purchases per wallet from companies supported by L2L follows the normal distribution with an average μ and standard deviation σ. The height of the cashback capped (upper limit) B is now calculated as follows: B = μ ± z.σ, where z depends on δ, according to the Normal Distribution Table: δ = ϕ / λ, with ϕ as a percentage fee and λ as the purchase ratio at companies supported by L2L compared to total purchases.

WEBSITE & ANDROID / iOS application


An important part of the 2local.io website is the marketplace section. Users can search for companies affiliated with 2local using filters, such as distance to a postal code and type of product or service. This search option is unique in the sustainable sector, and brings consumers closer to companies that sell sustainably and / or locally. Affiliated companies receive free advertising and more potential customers. The website marketplace functionality will not be available at the start of the 2local ICO.


Everyone who purchases L2L tokens will receive their own account in a digital wallet. Purchases or transfers over € 1,000 per month will automatically receive a KYC test. The Dutch company PESCHECK provides the KYC test, which fully complies with currentlegislation around the world.

A dashboard indicates the amount of available L2L tokens, history of purchases, transfers and cashback L2L tokens received. The account offers the opportunity to enter all personal information and set up Two Factor Authentication (2FA).


The L2L wallet is also available in the 2local Android / iOS app. All functions and information that are available on a web account are also available in the app, with the exception of the Website Marketplace function. An L2L request function with a QR code has been added. The QR code allows users to easily scan the code and have a desired amount transferred to L2L tokens in another account. 2local Android App will be available at the start of the ICO, the 2local iOS App will be available at a later date.

The QR code allows users to easily scan each others code and have a desired amount transferred to L2L tokens in another account.



Token allocation model, algorithm-backed coin reserves 33% for use after ICO.


Revenue model, long term yield strategy & professional distribution management associated with the L2L utility token.



Based on data and facts seen, 2LOCAL is very good to be reviewed and invested. This is based on the reality for now, many projects are not good, and makes all those who invest a lot of questions about their certainty and truth, so if you want to invest in this project, you have to read all about the article I made, so you can find out more about this ICO project from them.

To get more relevant details from the 2LOCAL project or join social media and the sales crowd, please follow a few sources for the following references:


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