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Tycoon - The social crypto trading platform

Hello friends all still with me Ade prayoga. This time I will provide information about a very interesting project for you to know in cryptocurrency called TYCOON. Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still needs efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

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Tycoon - the first Social Trading platform developed by Professional Traders.

If you are reading this then you might be looking for a Social Trading platform that is focused on Crypto. And you might have tried a number of solutions that didn't satisfy you. That's where Tycoon originated. As a Professional Trader, the founder of this project has evaluated all the Social Trading Platforms available for personal use, but cannot find a solution that has been developed taking into account Traders. Most existing solutions do not meet the needs of Professional Traders. As a result there are weak limited adoption and use for Retail Merchants. Our goal is to completely change this game.

Problems with the existing Social Trading Platform

If the Social Trading platform cannot check the box sought by Trader Pro, there will never be a real adoption by them. And without having a threshold of professional traders who use the platform every day, there is limited use for Retail Traders who want to copy Pro trading strategies. Therefore the founders of this project decided to develop their own platform that fulfills all those needs, ensuring to meet the demands of professional traders to achieve real adoption. Only if Pro
Traders adopt a platform that can be useful for Retailers who are new to the game or want to explore tactics and strategies used by more experienced traders to understand what makes them successful.

Trading Crypto Currencies for profit is more challenging than trading shares or traditional currencies, and even in traditional markets there are less than 10% of traders who beat the market consistently. While the Crypto Currency Market offers easier entry for less experienced traders, there are many more pitfalls than those found in trading in traditional markets. Therefore, most Retail Traders who start trading in Crypto Currencies are more likely to lose than win, especially if you trade in a lower time frame. You must be fixated on your computer 24/7, not just observing.

Why is Tycoon different?

Tycoon is designed by Traders for Traders. It fulfills all the demands that Pro Traders have to get strong adoption. Only Pro Traders adopts the platform, Retail Traders can benefit from it and choose their favorite traders from a large collection of traders. The larger and more sophisticated the ranking system, the more likely it is that Retail Traders are able to identify Pro Traders who have the same trading style, who want to trade the same crypto assets and defeat the market at the same time. .

As a Professional Trader, the founder of Tycoon knew exactly what Trader Pro was looking for and they didn't find it with the existing platform. Therefore our main difference is to build a platform by considering Pro Trader. Only that can lead to significant adoption. Without the adoption of Pro Traders, is there no usecase for Retail Traders.

How does Tycoon ensure Adoption?

Because every trader has their own style and device, we want to do more than just project our own needs onto the platform. Before we started developing the platform in 2018 we talked with hundreds of traders and created a profile of features based on them input.

The result is the most complete solution that becomes clear when looking at comparison charts. Tycoon is the only solution with default margin trading that is very important for Pro Traders. But this has only just begun. Next to him came a comprehensive profit sharing model that compensated Pro traders for their business. Most Pro Traders already have existing and preferred trading platforms and to invest time and start trading on other platforms there needs to be a compensation model in place, otherwise most will not invest their time. And because Pro Traders moves in significant numbers, it is very important to them that the platform is located in a country that has regulations.

Tycoon platform

In addition to emphasizing the most signifi cant features of the platform, this chapter is dedicated to illustrating the advantages off ered to each user..


There are several user types on the platform:
The Follower, the Trader and the Demo User. The diff erent user types are briefl y defi ned in the below chapters.


Usually, followers are investors who either lack the time to carry out complex market studies or who are new to trading. The goal of the followers is to invest in cryptocurrencies as successful as possible with the least eff ort. Followers log on to the platform in order to fi nd a suitable trader based on their preferences and then copy their strategies. The trader is being followed for four weeks.


Traders are experienced investors and traders in the financial markets. Their aim at Tycoon is to maximize their profits, build a large group of followers and thus maximize their trading volume.
These goals are achieved through successful trading and informative feeds.

Demo User 

Demo users are followers without real capital. They act like followers but have no infl uence on the balance sheet of the traders they follow. This free demo mode is intended to help understand the platform‘s structure and functionalities and is a setting that can be activated or deactivated at any time.


On the platform, the Tycoon Token serves as a payment currency, just as BTC and ETH. When you use the Tycoon Token, you will receive discounts on fees and profit shares, similar to BNB on Binance.

Name: Tycoon 


Blockchain: ERC-20 

Max. supply: 140 million 

ICO Price: 0.10 $

Token allocation

60% for sale

18% for team

14% for partnership

5% for bounty/airdrop

3% for Advisor


January - August 2018

Conceptual Design

Team Building

September 2018

Frontend Development

Corporate Identity

October 2018

Hackathon with development team in Belgrad (Serbia)

Start October 2018

Platform Development

December 2018 - March 2019

Whitepaper creation

November 2018

Private Sale

Second half of 2019

Product Launch - MVP

Public demo account testing

Second half of 2019


Second half of 2019

Platform Update - Final 

Exchange Listings

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