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Serenity - Efficient Use of Renewable Energy Sources

Hello friends all are still with me Ade prayoga. This time I will provide information about a project that is very interesting for you to know in a new cryptocurrency named Serenity Source. Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

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Recently in the world much attention is paid to renewable energy sources. As you know, humanity continues to develop technologies, infrastructures and everything related to energy production. In turn, this carries with it negative consequences, such as global warming, the reduction of world resources such as oil, gas, and so on. If we take for example limited resources, such as oil and gas, they are the most used resources for people in the form of end products such as automotive fuel and electricity. But as you know, everything ever ends and these sources of energy can also exhaust their existence. Therefore, to solve this problem, the development and development of renewable energy sources is at stake. 

Serenityis the next generation of renewable energy sources on the blockchain, which can reduce the consumption of traditional energy sources, reduce bills for electricity, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and solve many other existing problems. Australian Innovative Renewable Energy Company Serenity plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the near future in order to implement all the planned plans for the development of its blockchain ecosystem. This will create a sensation and revolutionary changes in the energy sector, including in the generation of energy and the reduction of hydrocarbon emissions. In addition, it is possible to solve the material problem of paying exorbitant electricity bills that is ripe for many. The company has extensive experience in the provision of intelligent energy services and the production of renewable energy sources. Therefore, it is able to introduce its experience and achievements and integrate it with modern blockchain technology. 

Ecosystem Serenity built on modern technology IoT, blockchain and intelligent advanced contracts. This will help control the production and consumption of renewable energy sources. At its core, the Serenity ecosystem will rely on high-performance enterprises that work in the field of renewable energy production. In turn, blockchain technology and the use of smart contracts will minimize administrative costs, provide lower energy tariffs and possibly provide rewards for reducing CO2 emissions.

The world should develop an alternative to modern methods, since in the modern world such energy dominates, which leads to the destruction of natural resources and environmental pollution, which ultimately will inevitably lead to negative consequences. A mild transition should take place from the traditional and centralized system of the mountain-led large energy suppliers to the decentralized DER system . Serenity will effectively interact with national electricity operators in order to maximize and effectively improve functionality, taking into account electricity production methods and customer demand. 

Due to the fact that Serenity built using blockchain technology, this allows the company to manage a more transparent and secure platform for users around the world. These are the features of the Serenity platform . 

Decentralized microgrids for renewable energy 
Services retailer smart energy services 
Strong encryption and powerful security 
Exit the wholesale electricity market 
Monetization green activities 
 Real-time Tracking 
 Net-zero housing 
 Automated response to demand and more

On blokcheyne Serenity will use Serenity tokens.. In addition, Carbon and Ergon tokens will be internal stable units for asset tokenization. Ergon tokens , for example, will be created and destroyed depending on the energy produced or consumed. Participants will additionally receive Carbon tokens based on the Green-Star household rating and the renewable energy produced. Both tokens can be exchanged for Serenity or Fiat on the Serenity platform . It is expected that the token Serenity (ERC20)will have a steady growth, because real business services such as energy, carbon credits and the development of network projects for the sale of real estate are behind it. You can still talk a lot about such an important and innovative project as serenity. But time is limited and in order not to delay it, I leave all the important and necessary links below in the description. There you will find all the answers to your questions when studying the project.

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