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TEMTUM - Cryptocurrency The decentralized network is super light and fast

Hello ... Friend, in this article I will discuss and provide a very good project for you to know, yes, it is a Temtum, maybe some of you want to invest in this project, so for that before you decide to invest, you should read article about the Temtum project, to ensure that the Temtum project is truly serious about its vision and mission. Below is the discussion.


This section provides an overview of the breakthroughs in new technology behind the theme. Please refer to the glossary at the end of this white book for a list of definitions.

The network has achieved truly decentralized scalability, approaching instant transaction speeds and unprecedented transaction throughput, using low resources and proof-proof cryptographic security in the future.

With our improved network routing, the removal of the block size limit and a system architecture that ensures a single, randomly selected node confirms all transactions for 60 seconds, the only limitation to transaction throughput is the hardware and bandwidth of network participants. This is shown by the fact that we have demonstrated simulated transaction throughput speeds of 120,000 transactions per second in a laboratory environment.

The critical elements of the temtum network architecture are the Temporal Blockchain, the Consensus and Routing Algorithms, and the use of proven truly random numbers based on quantum interference science.

  • Temporal technology provides a traditional network with archived blockchain, distributing blockchain data storage on a variety of specialized nodes to enable low-power devices to participate in the network temtum.
  • Algorithm The general consensus is a unique approach to blockchain consensus, which by definition allows one - and only one - leader to be chosen at a given time. This eliminates the potential for dangerous forks. This also eliminates energy costs associated with a proof-of-work consensus model, increasing overall network efficiency.
  • The Routing algorithm eliminates the need to use all types of gossip protocols because, by design, each node has an accurate and up-to-date global picture of the network and transactions are sent only to the leader node, rather than to all nodes.
  • NIST Randomness Beacon uses quantum mechanical effects to produce truly proven random numbers used to secure the Temporal Blockchain network. Other equivalent similarity sources have been identified and proven and explained in the rodmap section of this document as an alternative.

Our vision

This provides an extraordinary opportunity that has so far been almost untouched. In order for cryptocurrency to grow, blockchain now needs to take the next step in its evolution. And that's where the temtum comes in. Temtum can help secure a truly distributed, decentralized and democratic future for financial transactions. It is a future that does not damage the environment. The future is for everyone, wherever they live in the world, where the benefits of cryptocurrency are available and accessible to all. We not only see this positive future, we have designed technology, built it, tested it and mapped out how it will be implemented as the most effective medium of exchange.

Speed ​​and Scalability

The network has achieved truly decentralized scalability, approaching instant transaction speeds and unprecedented transaction throughput, using low resources and proof-proof cryptographic security in the future.

Temtum represents a paradigm shift from the current blockchain network

The proven blockchain network works depending on the decentralization of hashing power to ensure network security - attackers who are able to gain control of more than 51% of the resources of each proof blockchain provided will be able to run successful multiple expenditure attacks with high probability of success. This is sometimes called Sybil's attack.

To eliminate the threat of Sybil attacks, the reputation and monitoring system ensures that attackers cannot only add more resources to the network for an hour, as might be the case with contemporary proof-of-work blockchain networks. An attacker needs to add additional resources to the public network and operate it honestly for 6-12 months before such an attack can be carried out.


How temtum (TEM) works

The network achieves proof of future cryptographic security, very fast transaction speeds, energy efficiency, unprecedented transaction throughput, and real decentralized scalability.

Temtum is our token to be used as a method of exchanging goods and services using the Temporal Blockchain network.

NIST Beacon

We use a lot of the NIST Randomness Beacons in the traditional consensus algorithm and as a timestamp in making blocks. NIST Randomness Beacon eliminates the need for consensus on Proof of Work that is energy intensive and eliminates the possibility of forks on the blockchain or multiple expenses. temtum is the first cryptographic protocol that commercially distributes successful implementations of random numbers generated by NIST Randomness Beacon.

General algorithm consensus algorithm

We define a small subset of nodes that function as semi-trusted authority nodes. Number of semi-trusted authority nodes, lists sent with general software, scales with network load. The function of semi-trusted authority nodes in a traditional ecosystem can be compared to the presence of similar nodes in decentralized peer to peer privacy networks, which use "directory authority."

Temporal Blockchain

Temporal technology provides a traditional network with "erasable" blockchain, distributing blockchain data storage on a variety of specialized nodes to allow low-power devices to participate in the network temtum.

Blockchain Research

We have spent the last 5 years studying the Blockchain and winning the only Blockchain PhD as part of our founding team. This research leads to the development of superior Temporal Blockchain, comparing below what is currently considered the industry's leading technology.


Temporal network speeds are unmatched by existing blockchain technology, with 120k TPS achieved in our lab environment and theoretically unlimited, directly influenced by network scale.

Ultra-light architecture, efficiency and consensus transactions at Temporal lead to extraordinary verification speeds.



Temporal allows short-term data storage on nodes, while maintaining the integrity of the blockchain and its full history. With our consensus algorithm, transactions are no longer needed to be sent to each node, but are sent directly to the leader node. Therefore, no wasted resources are spent in duplicating unnecessary messages.

This reduction in storage and processing power allows participation in networks from low-resource devices to be possible, while using less energy than existing blockchain technology.



Uniquely built around the NIST flare, Temporal broadcasts full entropy bits in blocks of 512 bits every 60 seconds. This stable method to produce randomness, uncertainty, autonomy, and consistency creates a key that is theoretically impossible. Temporal quantum mechanics and the use of light over processors, create a level of randomness that has never been experienced before in computing.

The temporal network topology and security implementation has been tested by the BSI Crest accredited company several times and proved to be very safe and strong as well as validating our claims.


Over the past 5 years, Temporal Blockchain has been researched and developed so far that we have a functioning product which is the evolution of all Blockchain technology. Our road map goes back to the past, while outlining the future for temtum.


Dr. Douglas Meakin - President
Douglas is an experienced technical executive with many years working in engineering, product development, systems and quality processes and operations in the leading technology industry. He is a proven leader and agent of business and operating change in a global context, has transitioned large organizations globally while managing large increases in the scope, complexity and volume of business. He is committed to effective and motivating team leadership and the development of human potential. Recently Douglas is the vice president of a global supplier management company at Lam Research Corporation, a leading supplier of semiconductor processing equipment, based in Silicon Valley, California. Doug is the CEO of temtum and sits on the board of directors.

Richard Dennis - Chief Development Officer
Richard is the founder of Dragon, and an expert on cybersecurity and cryptography that is globally recognized, productive and extraordinary. He is also internationally recognized as one of the world's leading cyber security lecturers specializing in secure networks, blockchain, and encryption. He has significant research bodies published, quoted 100 times on the Blockchain, and presentations on future generation solutions in various subjects, including the vulnerability of the Bitcoin wallet, the scalability analysis of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and formal analysis of the Temporal block.

Ginger Saltos - Chief Technology Officer
Ginger has an MSc in IT Security, MSc in Forensics, and has worked extensively as a telematics engineer. He has five years of experience in public and private companies in security audits in Ecuador and he has advised the Ecuadorian government about security in systems, policies and procedures. He is currently a professor at ESPOL, teaching programming, database, IT security and IT Forensics. Open Ethical Hackers Certificate - OP3N-53C 37H1C4L H4CK3R (OSEH). He is also a PhD candidate on the topic 'Analyzing Malware using Phylogenetics.' The main specialization is artificial intelligence and internet security.

Dr. Gareth Owenson - Head of Information Security Officer
Gareth holds a PhD in Computer Science and a BSc in Internet Technology and is a specialist in internet security, cryptography and distributed systems. He has conducted research in large distributed systems with a special interest in cryptographic applications such as darknets and digital forensics, including developing automated analysis techniques to quickly reverse advanced malware to determine its function and develop preventive measures. He has written many publications in journals and conferences and regularly functions as a referee for Elsevier, IEEE and CHINACOM. He has done great research on the use of darknets; he is widely known as an expert in this field and often speaks on this topic. He also advised the UK and US governments about darknets and internet filtering policies.

David Hodkinson - Chief Financial Officer
David is the founder and CEO of Harvex, a specialist company that works with clients in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the online gaming sector. He has worked with several high-value ICOs, giving advice on international arrangements, banking and taxes. As a qualified accountant, he has overseen the financial affairs of various digital currency companies. Along with this, he has been involved in the strategic launch of several online game companies and cryptocurrency integration with this platform.

Cyntia Aguirre - Head of Software Architect
Cyntia is a Master of Science in Software Engineering with a strong background in software development and IT architecture. He has four years of experience both developing as a full stack developer and designing and implementing software as an IT architect for the financial industry (Banco del Austro SA). He also holds the accreditation of PMP (Project Manager Professional) which is certified by the USA Project Management Institute.


We believe that the theme is an extraordinary new opportunity even beyond the step change for blockchain and the first mass cryptocurrency adoption. In fact, we believe that these themes can form the basis of an entirely new and better way of structuring financial relationships that is more environmentally friendly, transparent, traceable, safe and reliable than existing cryptocurrency.

We have explained in this paper how the basic values ​​and principles of blockchain have been compromised in the cryptocurrency space because of the inherent weaknesses of existing technology. This means that the blockchain cryptocurrency has not provided the user benefits they promised and, in large part as a direct consequence of this, has failed to achieve widespread adoption.

Traditional technology is built on previous blockchain theories but is a significant evolutionary leap from previous technology, which provides a better experience in terms of speed, resource use, energy costs, environmental impact and true decentralization. Our work in quantum randomness also ensures complete security.

Exploring opportunities in existing markets such as gaming and e-commerce, has opened up new opportunities for partners to provide payment solutions to high transaction platforms, which will directly benefit from the innovations that sustain their technology.

As we have shown above, this innovative cryptocurrency has been fully developed, used and tested and is ready for full integration with the existing payment system to ensure smooth adoption of temtum by regular consumers.

Our vision is positive. We believe that the theme will not only change the market for blockchain and cryptocurrency; it will make the world a better place for more people. That is our goal and we have a truly world-class and dedicated team that is fully committed to achieving it. We invite you to join us on our exciting journey into the financial future.

For more information about the Temtum project, see the link below:

Website: https://temtum.com/
Whitepaper: https://temtum.com/downloads/temtum-whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/temtumcommunity
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wearetemtum
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearetemtum
Discord: https://discord.gg/hs3v4g4
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/temtum
Medium: https://medium.com/temtum
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/temtum/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxEJq-piVp83Cm3yAOtQgkg
Github: https://github.com/temtum

User: dey90
Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=731808

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