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CyberMiles - Building a very extraordinary solution for e-commerce and Blockchain companies easily.

Hello friends all are still with me Ade prayoga. This time I will provide information about a project that is very interesting for you to know in a new cryptocurrency named CyberMiles. Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

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In this era of advanced technology, many people have created everything to combine their business with Blockchain technology, such as the CyberMiles project that wants to make their e-commerce business with Blockchain technology to be more developed in the future with this technology.

Cybermiles Foundation Limited ("CyberMiles"), a company limited by guarantees established in Hong Kong, as well as certain assumptions made by and information available to CyberMiles. There are no representations or guarantees given for the achievement or fairness of any plans, projections or future prospects. If and when the CyberMiles Platform is complete, it may differ significantly from those specified in this document.

Furthermore, no statement or guarantee is made for the accuracy or completeness of the information, statements, opinions or other matters described in this document or communicated. Nothing in this document can or should be relied upon as an appointment or representation for investment advice in the future. To the extent permitted by applicable law, all liability for loss or damage (whether predictable or not) arises from or in connection with someone acting in this document, or any aspect thereof, regardless of negligence, default or lack of maintenance, is refused. To the extent that responsibility may be limited but not fully rejected, it is limited to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

The views and opinions expressed in this paper are the property of the CyberMiles only. They are not suggestions, or any offer or request, nor can any goals be relied upon. CMT and the CyberMiles platform are not intended to form securities or other regulated products in any jurisdiction. Please get the necessary professional advice.

What is the CyberMiles mission?

CyberMiles aims to build a smart contract platform similar to Ethereum but is highly optimized to facilitate e-commerce transactions. Our Blockchain allows people to build and run business contracts that are enforced by computer codes.

Our goal is to build an Original e-commerce ecosystem from the network era:

• There is no centralized monopoly on rent seeking;

• More equitable allocation of network rewards; and

• Stronger network effects through economic incentives.

The result will be a new generation of e-commerce networks that are more affordable to buyers (both in merchandise prices and financing options) and more revenue streams for sellers (such as monetizing data, supply chain financing, and consumer loans).

Watch their videos below:

Benefits of CMT Technology


CyberMiles has built a library of smart contract templates for e-commerce applications.


On top of coin transaction speed, our Virtual Machine allows Smart Contracts to be calculated with an optimized speed for business needs.



The blockchain has created a perfect combination of scalability, decentralization and safety. Also, CyberMiles has implemented a “pre-defense” and “post recovery” mechanism as an additional protection.



CyberMiles waives transaction fees for most common operations. It achieves this without sacrificing security of the network.

What is DPoS?

Delofated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) is an increase in the PoS mechanism. This is similar to representative democracy with voting rights in human society. In DPoS, the right-holder token chooses for a small number of representatives (we call elected representatives "Validator" throughout this article) to represent all token holders to run the operating network. The validator runs a super node, which professionally runs a network server to ensure the performance and security of the blockchain network. This resolves PoS performance issues.

Sounds are given in the form of risking one's tokens. Tokens at stake are locked by the network as collateral and can be deducted when the validator behaves incorrectly. At stake the tokens have never been transferred to the validator they selected. They are only used as proof of sound power and incentives for token holders to choose responsible and capable validators to maintain the blockchain. Potential penalty solving problem "nothing is at stake".

Di CyberMiles, kami percaya DPoS adalah masa depan dengan kinerja tinggi dan konsensus blockchain yang aman.

Mobile Blockchain Wallet from CyberMiles


Safe, Convenient and Powerful


CMT Wallet is a CyberMiles mobile light-wallet, strives to provide a simple, secure and powerful digital asset management tool for users. Users are able to experience freedom in wallets creation/ importing, secure digital asset management, convenient transaction execution, real-time market updates, and explore the potential of CyberMiles DApps all with CMT Wallet.


Based on the data and facts seen, CyberMiles are very good for review and information. This is based on challenges for now, many projects that are not good, and make everyone who is curious about the certainty and further truth about this ICO project from them.

To get more relevant details from the CyberMiles project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:

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