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ZED RUN – Live Horseracing Dapp

Hello friends all are still with me Ade prayoga. This time I will provide information about a project that is very interesting for you to know in a new cryptocurrency called ZED RUN. Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

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Buy, breed, sell, and race your own stable mare on the blockchain. The success of each race horse is determined by lineage, genotype, horse racing performance and scarcity of offspring. Join the ZED community and start your legacy now!

Z Ξ D is a blockchain game where players can build racing stables by buying, breeding and racing digital races. The main goal in Z Ξ D is to create an inheritance with a valuable stall full of winning race horses. The more you breed and race, the greater your inheritance. Once your cage is formed with at least one race horse, you can benefit if you decide to sell your original race through an auction or offer it to breed at the fixed price you set and even get an economic return once the direct race at ZED starts. at the beginning of 2019.

ZED is a pure race platform where users not only have digital assets but also the platform on which your assets work for you. ZED took a step back in an effort to invite individuals to their first foray into the world of blockchain and ownership of digital assets in ways that could be understood and interacted with.

ZED will release a total of 38,000 unique digital races on the blockchain. After the initial release of 4,000 super rare races completed in early February 2019, ZED will launch a breeding platform in which stallions, mares, stallions and male horses can mate with each other, then inherit unique traits to their offspring. The more ready-made race races that are in your cage, the greater your chances of strengthening your heritage in the community and winning on the racing track.

ZED uses smart contracts to develop generations of race horses and as such, ownership of native races will be recorded and tracked through the use of the blockchain ethereum. All pure race data such as lineage, genotype, gender, color, number of offspring and race statistics, will be stored in a smart contract. Given that all ZED races are tokens that live on the blockchain, they can be bought or sold digitally, with guaranteed ownership. In other words, you are the only owner of a digital race.

ZED uses a unique ERC 721 token pioneered by smart cats at Zen Axiom. Our great source of inspiration also came from Dapper Labs and Cryptokitties and shared vision to make the blockchain more accessible and less intimidating to the masses. Market

OWNERS Buy and sell your race horses through the Marketplace auction system mana Where you set the minimum order price. Every horse race is statistically unique where the race horse prices will vary depending on race attributes and past performance on horse racing.

The more race your race and the more you breed, the more superior your horse race heritage. The greater the inheritance, the more wealth you can create by ordering higher selling or breeding prices through the ZED auction system.

Stud Farm

Do you have a very rare stallion? Or is your stallion invincible on the racetrack? Lower the specific attributes of your original offspring by placing them on Stud Farm and letting them breed with others at prices that you consider fair.

The choice to breed depends solely on the female race where they have the choice to choose which male race horse they want to match, taking into account their lineage, genotype and important race statistics.

Playing with the

ZED Vision is to take the traditional mechanism of community-based games and continue to innovate to create something truly special. Join some of our communities on Discord and Reddit and discuss everything related to your digital race horse


Direct Racing
Every race horse purchased will be randomly selected to participate in ZED. For those who cannot resist their excitement, there is an opportunity to participate in the race. ZED races will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where races will be divided into Group I, Group II and Group III categories throughout the world.

  • CAP TANGING: 38,000
  • GENO TYPE: 268
  • INITIAL LAUNCH: Jan 2019
  • INITIAL PRESS: 4,000
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