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We say that if we go back thousands of years, it is very difficult to know how domestic animals are domesticated. Even if we can't answer it, we can't find the answer. So let's not think about those times and cut those parts. Let's look at today's time, yes, now let's think about how we can think of the place of pets in our lives, none of us can deny that we have become an inseparable part of many of us, right?

Some like dogs, some like cats, some like smaller animals, and so on. Let's put them all together, because none of them matter! There's only one thing that matters, which is nothing but love and respect for your pet.

What are the problems and how to solve them?

There are so many problems with pets that it is very important to evaluate and resolve them all. First of all, we can convey the demography of the animals. According to research, there are a total of one billion pets in the world. And if we are to mention the majority of these, we can clearly say that they are in Europe and America. Latin America and Japan are coming soon. So why don't we search the answer, and why are these countries on the list? In fact, the answer is quite simple, not only the country does not keep a record for domestic animals, so these figures can not be removed. The numbers cannot be correct and cannot be discussed. It also sails on many different types of problems.

In countries where controls can be made, there are other problems that we cannot ignore with the growth of the goods and service industries dedicated to domestic animals. If we talk about them as positive and negative, we can list them as below;

  • We can place the prices of goods and services to a very high level,
  • There is a lack of veterinary veterinarians about pet health,
  • There is a lack of the right specialist veterinarian to reach the main

source of problems for domestic animals in the shortest time and with the right interventions. However, there is no system to follow the situation of the pet at any time.

When there was no team and system to solve all these problems, there was a need for a team of experts to solve them. By eliminating these, the project will be called Petchains, which will launch a new era in this field!

What does the project aim for?

This platform, which will be named Petchains, was developed in blockchain technology. In its own ecosystem, it is their greatest goal to combine all modern and related technologies that can qualitatively improve the lives of domestic animals. To put it briefly, it will work as a system with which pet owners, scientists, experts, doctors, volunteers and all other entities that contribute to the improvement of animal life can communicate.


Now we all know and know the principles of almost blockchain technology in detail. However, we can send and receive all kinds of information quickly, transparently and most importantly with confidence. That is why Petchains was part of the development. As I wrote above, the main purpose of this work is not only to integrate all participants in this field, but also to ensure that unlimited data can be collected on every pet.

This idea will allow the creation of a large library of information about pets and will reflect the features I convey below. These;
  • Date of birth,
  • Family history,
  • Fertility,
  • Diseases and allergies,
  • Clinical history,
  • Dog training,
  • Progress,
  • Education,
  • Awards.

This detailed information will not only have all the necessary data for every pet owner in every situation, but will also be kept up to date with the new owner in the case of a purchased pet.


It is obvious that the platform will be very functional and versatile, and you will find everything you need on this platform. The functionality of this team has created the mobile and web version of the Petchains platform to make the functionality more active and practical. In this way, users can communicate with each other through the platform and they can easily communicate with each other about the issues they are curious about. As a result, I have already mentioned above that you can get professional advice from an expert who can be contacted on current issues, but you can also buy the right and proven product. Similar to this platform, there was no point that could be recorded before.

pet mobil.png

What are ICO Sales and Details?

Like any decentralized project for Petchains' quality activities and jobs, it will be possible to carry out all kinds of transactions related to payment for goods and services within this platform. It will have a crypto money that can be done and its name will be seen as "PTCS". This crypto money market will also be presented as 1.8 billion units. Also, I would like to point out that this number has a meaning! She was especially chosen by the team because it symbolized the total number of domestic animals on Earth. The value of one "PTCS" crypto money was determined to be 0.00018 ETH or $ 0.036.

Softcap target is set to 5,000 ETH,
The Hardcap target is set at 89,285 ETH.

The distribution of Token and funds is as follows;


As a result

When I think that this project is necessary, I believe that when it comes to the place of pets in our lives, it is strong enough to be necessary. In addition, the team is able to achieve this by the love of it, because all of them can be seen as a true animal lover when their current lives are controlled. I hope that the quality of life will continue to be solved by solving the problems of the pets and of course the owners of this platform.

I would like to look forward to this project yourself. That's why I added the official sources I thought would help you with this. All you have to do is to click on the titles. From here you can have unlimited access to all the resources you want.

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