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Cryptoxygen - The easiest way for you to safely exchange cryptocurrency and effective payment solutions

Hello friends all are still with me Ade prayoga. This time I will provide information about a project that is very interesting for you to know in a new cryptocurrency called Cryptoxygen. Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

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The foreign exchange market is a global market, and decentralized
over-the-counter (OTC) market for currency trading. This market determines currency exchange rates globally. In terms of trading volume, foreign exchange is by far the largest market in the world. According to the Bank for International Settlements (owned by 60 central banks), trading on the foreign exchange market averages $ 5.1 trillion per day as recorded in April 2016.

The above shows how runny and busy the currency trading ecosystem is. However, the exchange pattern began to take on a new dimension since the introduction of digital currencies in 2009 - popular Bitcoin (BTC). Currency exchanges that were once carried out between centralized or government-controlled currencies, are now beginning to involve decentralized currencies generated through cryptography and managed through a distributed ledger system known as the blockchain. This digital currency is known as cryptographic currency or only crypto currency.

CRYPTOXYGEN is a centralized trading platform for the traders and investors around the globe. As observed, centralized platform have always been the best of all crypto-currency exchange in existence. There always have high liquidity compare to the other forms of exchange. Centralized exchange have a very good transaction speed which is why CRYPTOXYGEN platform been a centralized platform has implement some advanced trading features in the platform which will improve the speed of transaction in the platform.

CRYPTOXYGEN platform will be the best in terms of good customer’s support, good customers support has always been a major problem in the other crypto-currency exchange. CRYPTOXYGEN customer support will be available 24/7 both during ICO and post ICO period.

CRYPTOXYGEN has launched its project on ETHEREUM blockchain network which is one of the most used and popular blockchain network in the universe. CRYPTOXYGEN has launched its token on this blockchain network in which the token can be used for 0% trading and transaction fees between CRYPTOXYGEN exchange wallet. Every users and holders of CRYPTOXYGEN token will have a discounted trading and withdrawal fees. Holding the token will make them for different loyalty program launches in the platform.

Why CRYPTOXYGEN trading platfrom?

 The Cryptoxygen platform is a complete solution for cryptocurrency trading starting with a trading platform and ending with a wallet that allows you to spend and save your profits in the safest way.

Our goal is to bring a parallel solution to the classic banking system that controls customer funds and imposes high costs on every transaction. Cryptoxygen is here to provide our clients with the safest, most fast and the cheapest technology solutions through our mobile wallet platform and payment system replacing traditional debit / credit cards.



The crypto market which is just 9 years old, now boast of 2,079 other
cryptocurrencies after BTC. It also has 15,589 markets, a market Capitalization of $160,421,105,919 (over 160 billion USD) and most interestingly, a daily exchange average of $21,506,557,876 ($21, billion USD).

The transparency, the freedom, the cutting out of intermediaries and the fact that these currencies are not centralized or owned by governments, makes it a comfortable asset for investors or participants who want to explore market opportunities outside their geographical and economic boundaries. Hence, local economy does not affect the worth of this currency. No wonder currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin among others are worth more than the world’s strongest centralized currency.

With the aid of experience and expertise, Cryptoxygen (OXY2) here presents these challenges or loop-holes in the crypto market, how it is set to resolve them and how its solution will affect not just the financial strength of users but those outside the crypto economy.


Token Name: Cryptoxygen

Token Symbol: OXY2

Ethereum network protocol: ERC 20

Supply Token: 250 000 000

General total sales: 150 000 000

Public Sales Prices: 1 ETH = 1600OXY2

Launch Price: 1 ETH = 1200OXY2

Cryptoxygen ICO

With this project, Cryptoxygen, OXY2 is set to follow the price movements of the 5 largest largest digital or cryptographic currencies currently on the cryptomarket market. Also, Cryptoxygen seeks to provide valuable financial assets to its investors, while providing information that will help all investors, those who have advanced and other market knowledge, to make smart investment decisions that will leave them with amazing results.

Therefore Cryptoxygen, seeks to raise funds that will be used as the initial value, as well as fund the development of the platform, promote it and increase the merger that will give it a place in the market.

More than 50% of the total tokens will be placed for public sales, which amounts to 150,000,000 OXY2 tokens. The standard price of tokens at the start of sales is $ 0.18 per OXY2 token, assuming the ETH price is at $ 190 (USD). Sales will be carried out in 3 phases with the first being the cheapest.

Distribution Token

60% Allocated to ICO

18% Allocated to Development

16% Allocated to Founders Funds

15% Allocated to Pre-ICO


27% Allocated to Development

25% Allocated to Marketing

5% Allocated to Legal

15% Allocated to Security

10% Allocated to Payroll

5% Allocated to Others


For more information you can see it below:


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