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Bitcoinbing - Cryptocurrency exchange

Hello friends all are still with me Ade prayoga. This time I will provide information about a project that is very interesting for you to know in a new cryptocurrency called BitcoinBing. Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

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BitcoinBing is a type of cyrptocurrency on the market with special features and improvements that make it better than other types of cyrptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency refers to the representation of digitall assets and as tokens or coins. This company can be a cyrptocurrency exchange for cyrptocurrency and other fiat currencies.

Fiat currency is money that is popular in society, for example money is issued by government institutions and is generally regulated by the central bank. BitcoinBing has a vision to develop industry expectation standards and provide experience with machines, platform development and interfaces.

The company's motto is to make people able to make transactions easily. BitcoinBing is also focused on optimizing trade with cryptocurrency and blockchain induction.

Problems with Bitcoinbing

1. Insufficient Infrastructure: 

in this case the exchange must be put together to make a profit. So, it makes a lack of operating structure while the Bitcoinbing platform takes a long time to develop based on the goals the company wants to achieve. The Bitcoinbing team has several problems in development.

2. inferior security: 

the second problem is about security where intuition exchanges often lack security structures. Lack of security provides an opportunity for hacking information about users to be safe.

3. Irrational parameters: 

this is about irrational parameters. It is related to the exchange rate and transactions imposed by the exchange are unfair. So, exchange rates usually try to take money from users.

4. Rigid market conditions: 

crytpocurrency is not the same as conventional exchanges where it has superficial and skid order books.Bitcoinbing does not cause slippage to create a risk for the user because the currency is sourced from other users.

5. -Poor customer service: 

there are many companies that do not have a structure and protocol in place to handle complaints by customers. So, the customer gets angry because in the business it will make monetary losses.

6. -Want for globalization: 

the amount of exchange only builds with only one country or region. Exchange often denies the fact that the blockchain is never limited to geographical or language boundaries.

7. Unreasonable transaction costs: fees 

Transactions must be for many exchanges because only sources of income and costs can be as high as two-digit percentages.

Solution to the Problem

The problems mentioned earlier, the Bitcoinbing team has found a solution to architecture. The Bitcoinbing matching engine can make the transaction handling process 1,000,000 orders / second. This platform provides all services provided by the exchange such as spot, margin, etc.

This company has a smart contract where it can help how to transfer values ​​and time frames. Smart contracts look like a method of exchanging between two or more parties using the blockchain as a tool for validation.

There are features provided by Bitcoinbing to solve problems namely multiple currency pairs, full stack trading tables, desktop and mobile friendly, risk management, information compilation, security, 24/7 live chat, buyback tokens, customizability trading competition and airdrop distribution.

For example the use of features such as multiple currency pairs, the Bitcoinbing platform gets service for multiple currency pairs in executing multiple transactions. This feature provides the power to get the most difficult and safe operation. Full stack trading table, the second feature is a full stack trading table where this makes trading with all assets. This feature will inform you about the assets on the dashboard and the profits they make etc.

Bitcoinbing has a road map that will help make growth. In Q2 2019 the company will start launching a decentralized exchange version and Q3 in the same year will introduce desktop applications. The platform's original token that provides zero trade trading fees is referred to as Bing tokens. The Bing token can be used to play for other services or cyrptocurrency and that is a utility token.

The funds will also be allocated by supporting long and sustainable growth. The funds are allocated in 20% for administration, 50% for marketing, 10% for development, 10% for legal and compliance and 10% for partnerships and bonuses. The total token is 1 billion with the price of tokens of 0.05 $ / Bing and for sale of 150 million.

Author: dey90

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