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Bitagro | Agro Exchange on Blockchain

Hello friends all are still with me Ade prayoga. This time I will provide information about a very interesting project for you to know in a new cryptocurrency named Bitagro. Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

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Project objective

In the community, we know that it is only a contribution to the production of food daily and there is more to the dependence on agricultural, industrial complexes. Food products are an integral part of our lives. That's why the food sector accounts for 25% of world GDP! As the world population increases day by day, it is growing in consumption.

The name of the project which will solve many problems in the field of food and agriculture will be Agro Exchange. Blockchain technology has become an essential part of your life, taking advantage of this technology in this project, leaving aside old agricultural techniques and planning to create a new opportunity in the food industry with the benefits of new technology.


The platform aims for an organization in the B2B environment, which is very comfortable for all participants of the agricultural industry sector. Agro Exchange will guarantee all transactions. In this stock exchange only goods will not be purchased. At the same time, a token will be available to allow all services for the agricultural sector. The platform will be an essential communication tool among farmers and consumers. In this way, the third parties will not be in this communication, and farmers will save significant money.


There are difficulties experienced by farmers. Adapting to the rapid development of the market is demanding. Therefore, it is a problem because of the high commission costs that the agricultural, industrial enterprise has to communicate with the consumers. After the start of the work of various transport and logistics companies, supermarkets and retail trade networks end. These stages ultimately reduce the budget due to the cost. Due to all these problems, the BitArgo project team is trying to create a useful product with the advantages of new technology by eliminating the old communication tools.

Principle and advantages

The main advantages and ease of use of the existing system in Agro Exchange will have significant privileges.

The project, which will serve in mobile applications, will have two versions available for the web and mobile.

The use of the token in the platform will be shared. Not only will you purchase your favorite products or services within this platform, but you will also benefit from the privileges on the platform.

Thanks to today's accessible technology blockchain and the agricultural stock market, many farmers will have a positive impact on the development of the farming sector.

Everything needed for security was taken into consideration. Because of this, all transactions are designed to be provided with a smart contract.

It will be essential to say that the principle of operation has been developed specifically for users of Agro Exchange. Therefore the web interface is designed to be quite useful and straightforward. A simple recording system is available for the KYC system. Agro Exchange has been designed to be beneficial to the users and the users.

It will be a great platform that will interact with each other transparently and securely. Furthermore, the location and location of the Agro Stock Exchange are of no importance. "A" in a country "B" can easily find something in his country. In this way, the number of market participants will be numerous.

ICO sales and details

I want to inform you about the project's token. AGROCOIN will be developed according to the ethereum blockchain, ERC20 standards. The primary purpose of this token is to provide all operational processes within the network and to create a robust internal market among the users of the project.

The distribution of token and funds will be like the picture below:


Below is their video

Final words

There will be many changes in the world we live in, and there will be no need to have old technologies in our lives. For this reason, this project will bring a lot of innovation in the fields I told you. That's why I suggest you follow this project when you have the chance to catch this opportunity early.

I want you to research this project a lot. I have more links to official resources for you. All you have to try is to click on the header at the bottom of the page. You can have unlimited info about AGROCOIN by accessing all the resources you want without limits.

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