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Pcore - ICO Review

Hello true crypto fans ... 
On this occasion I will discuss an ICO cryptocurrency project called Pcore. This project looks interesting and promising, so we should discuss it and find out more about what Pcore is, what its benefits and objectives are and how to invest in it.

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Okay, let's just discuss it, now what is Pcore? Pcore itself is a Peer To Peer (P2P) project that is integrated in blockchain technology, with the aim of combining transparency, trust, speed and security of the blockchain with registered smart contracts and directly bringing together seller invoices and lenders.

Furthermore, regarding the benefits and objectives of the Pcore project, Pcore itself aims to combine current technology into a niche but a growing market. Because more and more businesses are turning to alternative funding other than banks, they are expected to be able to provide them with a platform that they can exchange their invoices in a faster way to get the right amount. The benefits in return help them grow, grow and follow business costs.


Pcore allows businesses and investors to trade regardless of their geographical location, eliminating the need for any third party. Through Pcore, it can also eliminate the need for third parties to help Pcore keep the cost of selling and buying invoices low and high speed. No need to wait longer, instant income to grow business and instant profits. And all invoices uploaded by the invoice seller are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain which eliminates errors and misuse. Businesses taken from the Pcore cover will guarantee the funds promised at that date due to investors.

How is it ...? interesting right..? now we will discuss the details of the ICO from this Pcore project, please see below ...
Pcore ICO details

Project Name: PCORE 

Symbol: PCC 

Category: Platform Factoring Factors 

Platform Tokens : Erc20 

Limited Countries: China & US 

PCC Base Token Prices: 0.39 USD per 1 PCC 

Payment: Ethereum 

Total Token Supply: 52 Million Pieces 

Tokens for Reserves: 20 Million Chip 

Tokens For Sale: 20 Million Pieces of 

Gift Tokens: 500 Thousand Pieces of 

Tokens Reserved for Teams: 11 Million 

Soft Cap Pieces : 1 Million USD 

Hard Cap: 5 Million USD


For now the crowdsale only accepts Ethereum cryptocurrency as a payment tool. In addition, you must use the Ethereum address with a PRIVATE KEY on the hand instead of using the Ethereum address from an exchanger such as Binance, Coinbase and others. To participate in crowdsale, you must have an Ethereum wallet that is directed to the token / crowdsale address. The development team is working with security auditors to complete the contract. When they have completed their analysis, Pcore will announce the date. Note that the crowdsale PCC parameter will be associated with the number of blocks, so time will depend on the mining level of Ethereum. The contract will be pushed to the main network Ethereum 3 days before the crowdsale starts.

The sales results in the form of Ethereum will be reused to develop the project and build a blockchain-based invoice discounting platform system using PCC tokens as an exchange unit.

Thus the ICO Review discussion on the Pcore project, hopefully useful and add insight on a cryptocurrency project, to find out more about the Pcore project please visit:

Website: www.pcore.co
pcore: Whitepaper
pcore:  Facebook
pcore:  Twitter
pcore:  Telegram
pcore:  Linkedin

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