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Hello friends all are still with me Ade prayoga. This time I will provide information about a very interesting project for you to see, in a new cryptocurrency called RigoBlock. Before heading into the discussion I think we all agree with blockchain technology that there is still a need to support adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

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What is Rigoblock?

Rigoblock exists to reinvent the asset management industry, making it accessible to everyone, providing full transparency and endowing with a strict meritocracy.

We strive to create a new generation of traders and a new level of asset management. Simple, transparent, meritocratic and democratic.

Future value

With the emergence of markers in the market, it is very important to create, manage, and maximize new forms of value through efficient, effective and transparent asset management protocols.

Rigoblock found a way to capture, develop, and manage new assets that have been tokens, making them available to everyone.

Infrastructure for decentralization asset Management

Rigoblock is a blockchain protocol that allows anyone to configure and run a decentralized pool of tokens. The software is modular and abstract, so that any developer can personalize it, creating their own applications.

The Rigoblock platform is built on top of the protocol

Fair for all

Traditional asset management is based on fees - management fees and work fees. Rigoblock rewrites the rules, bringing the network into action.

Proof-of-Performance is an algorithm that rewards operators based on the assets and performance of the pools in which they operate. Pool operators are rewarded in GRG tokens compatible with the ERC-20 token, the native Rigoblock protocol.

Help in creating tokens

Blocked chains are recognized as a safer and more efficient way to transfer value. With the emergence of the economy based on tokens, it is extremely important to create standards for the organization of value in the form of tokens.

We saw networks, markets and standards for the exchange of values. However, there is no viable protocol for organizing value.

Asset management current

The GRG marker is at the heart of the RigoBlock network incentives. Initially 10,000,000 GRG are created. During the public contribution period, 3,000,000 PIUs are distributed. Participants for the sale of tokens are subject to verification by KYC / AML.

Using the GRG marker

The GRG token is a utility token that meets the requirements of Switzerland. The GRG marker performs the following three tasks: access, incentives and management.

GRG as an access token

Users wishing to open the https://beta.rigoblock.com portal should have 1 GRG marker. This restricts the intruders' access to the portal and is a protective measure for users.

GRG as a basis
incentive mechanism

The Proof-of-Performance algorithm automatically rewards pool operators. To claim a reward, each pool operator must have a dynamic minimum number of GRG tokens.

GRG as a basis
for optimal control

The parameters of the Proof-of-Performance algorithm, which determine the total total inflation, are set by the holders of tokens. The rationale is based on game theory: token owners have an incentive to set the parameters to 0 to create 0 inflation. However, since the algorithm provides continuous incentives for further development of the ecosystem, GRG token owners have an incentive to set minimum parameters that ensure optimal network operations.

This is what I can say in this review about the RigoBlock project, so if you need clearer information, see the link below:

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