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NewCash - Cryptocurrency Exchange that Has Very High Quality

At this time I will share about very innovative digital currency exchange, this exchange designs algorithms from zero to become a transparent exchange that is safe and comfortable to use for everyone including traders and investors, in this case it is an action that puts customers first and foremost so that their assets stored on a secure exchange and will not be manipulated by anyone, this exchange has been decentralized which is very useful for every customer, this exchange will also continue to update security and convenience and simplify the usage process. Ok, without further ado, I will introduce an ico project that gives comfort to all of you.

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What is Newcash Exchange?

Newcash is a digital money exchange that has security and convenience for use in any country, this decentralized exchange has committed to satisfy all users when they use this Newcash exchange platform. This Newcash exchange was formed in Brazil with a very genius team in building an exchange code code from zero to become a security center for all users, Brazil which is known as a metropolitan country managed to create a market without interference from other countries which means they have a team in the country themselves to build exchanges.

In creating an exchange of digital money it requires very large capital and a very smart team so that a decentralized exchange can be realized with features that are safe, comfortable, easy to use and transparent. Newcash does not need the help of third parties in this development, they build from scratch in developing each platform code. Now in the description of an exchange that has very high security features and transparency that can be counted on, the team that joins the Newcash project works nonstop, all codes will be corrected so that there are no leaks in security and the team will also maintain that the network platform can be count on when all users access together.

At the time this article was created with various information that I got that Newcash had offered a cryptocurrency asset portfolio to Latin America. This offer is intended to make Newchash known to all Latin American communities and not only that, the Newchash team will also offer portfolios in various countries so that Newcash can adapt and be known globally.

Benefits of the NewCash Exchange 

If you join the Newcash project then you will get the opportunity in the field of business that you do globally, this opportunity applies to all people who use this Newcash platform, there will be a lot of knowledge you get about cryptocurrency such as analysis in pricing, this platform will hold programs that benefit all users when the platform organizes a contribution process, this platform can make your financial economy run smoothly and be able to get a lot of profits in the future. For myself, there are very few projects that have a success rate for users, even though in the end there are many platforms that can only spread promises and they will abandon their projects if the platform they develop gets a problem.

What is the NEWC Token 

NEWC is a tokenbutility based on smart contracts generated by ethereum technology, NEWC is very suitable to be made for long-term investment because this token has a very high potential, the longer you hold this token, the greater the investment income you make. NEWC will be traded on exchanges made by the team namely the exchange platform newc.com.br. With this, it will be possible for each token holder to get negotiation fee discounts, Newc tokens can also be used as product purchases, each event or crypto introduction course to new members will be promoted through the platform.

The project that will be held if the contents below are fulfilled.

1. Education and awareness

In the pre-sales stage if it reaches the specified target of 50%, then some of the tokens sold will be used to encourage education with the theme of school blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The purpose of education and awareness is to collaborate with other market players, it is very regrettable if curriculum development and methodology are not embedded into existing markets. Thus the developer applies this curriculum so that all registered members have knowledge of the blockchain and cryptocurrency, each member will get professional certification in this curriculum field.

2. ATM cryptocurrencies

The team plans to build an atm machine if the phase 1 sales phase reaches the 80% target and some of the tokens sold will be used as building atm machines, this atm machine will function as a bitcoin and cryptocurrency network and all will be implemented to cash in various strategic location in the country of Brazil.

3. List the NEWC in other exchanges

This NEWC Token will be included in a number of exchanges, aimed at exchanging large volumes of trade so that NEWC tokens have a very high price each year.

Token Information

Token Name: NEWC Token

Symbol: NEWC

Total Supply: 400,000,000 NEWC

Total to be sold : 255,000,000 NEWC

Token Price: 0,00048251eth / Token

Token distribution

1. Used for sales of 255 Million NEWC tokens 

2. Used for 100 million NEWC Reserve Funds 

3. Used for a 45 million NEWC Development Fund 

4. Used 70 Million NEWC Presale 

5. Phase 1 85 million NEWC is used 

6. Used Phase 2 100 Million NEWC

Pre-Sales will last until 

A total of 70 million NEWC tokens will be sold early.

There will be two phases in the pre-sale period 

Phase 1: has 60 days

Phase 2: has 60 days

This face 1 and 2 stage will run according to the token that has been sold the most or the complete sale, this is determined by each buyer.

Note: if the number of phase one and phase two pre-sales tokens does not reach the specified target or it can be called having the remainder then the token will be entered into the marketing department. Only one email can buy this token, so you have to really have the target to purchase tokens.

Total pre-sale tokens : 7 million NEWC tokens

Total Phase 1 tokens: 8.5 million NEWC tokens

Total Phase 2 tokens: 10 million NEWC tokens

Schedule of purchases during Pre-Sales

Pre-sales start: November 8, 2018

If you want to buy NEWC tokens then you can buy them on the newctoken.io website, the payments that you receive include 

1. Bitcoin

2. Litecoin

3. Dash

4. Ethereum

The following is the pertoken price scheme if you use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum

Discount Program

If you have a NEWC token then you will get a decrease in costs when you run the trading process on the Newcash exchange platform. In this case, the Newc Tokens will ensure that every customer who holds a NEWC token will get an even reduction in costs

The cost reduction bonus includes 

1. 1,500 NEWC: Get a bonus of 10% crocodile drop

2. 4,000 NEWC: Get a bonus of 20% crocodile drop 

3. 7,500 NEWC: Get a bonus of 30% crocodile drop

4. 12,500 NEWC: Get a 40% bonus crocodile drop

5. 16,500 NEWC: Get a bonus of 50% crocodile drop

6. 25,000 NEWC: Get a 100% bonus crocodile drop

Currency locking is done by each customer to get a discount that has been made by the team. In the exchange platform there is a feature to cancel transactions, so each currency you lock can also open it again, but even so there are limits in the NEWC tokens which will be released for only 30 days, so you have to think carefully about canceling it, After the withdrawal process of the money you made before the bonus process is complete, you will not get a discount again, this is probably because the platform only supports one account per transaction.

If you have already received the discount that has been held, you need to remember that the discount will function for 1 year, and if the discount is not used then the discounted discount will automatically be lost. But if the discount runs out then you will be able to modify it to become a discount extension or cancel and this is only New cash that can do it.

The NEWC Token will be returned if you cancel and the NEWC token will be returned to your own wallet that supports erc-20.


I again encourage all investors who are readers in the article that I made to invest in the Newcash platform, the exchange that satisfies its members is rarely found in the past, customers, investors and old traders or new traders can learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency. This exchange platform has a team that moves behind the name Newcash, the team will continue to strive to provide comfort, security and transparency. I think everything you are looking for will be on this platform.

This is the article I made based on the information shared in groups, websites, social media, white paper. Be careful of projects that are on behalf of the ICO project, many have experienced losses that are very high because they are wrong in investing. Every project I write has a very high level of success, but you have to remember that an analysis is not always right. For more information, please click the link below,

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