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Gigzi- Reinventing the Wheel of the Financial System in a new era

Hello friends all are still with me Ade prayoga. This time I will provide information about a very interesting project for you to see, in a new cryptocurrency named Gigzi. Before heading into the discussion I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

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It's amazing how technology continues to advance every day.

Even so, the ripple effect at the industrial site has not escaped attention. Take the example of the financial industry, the impact of technology has recently been felt here. Starting with the introduction of automatic teller machine terminals (ATMs) and point-of-service terminals (POS), followed by the reality of mobile banking, right from the comfort of our homes, just to name a few.

Yes, each of the financial technology tools mentioned above is at least in one way, has contributed to the continued development of the banking industry and the implications of the financial world. However, the fact that all of these innovations to date have all shared the need for third parties is a big concern for veteran investors and beginners. And, this is the Bitcoin cryptocurrency created to capture.

What is Gigzi

Gigzi is a financial system that addresses three principal challenges of cryptocurrency: hyper-volatility, account vulnerability and wealth diminishment. Stability By harnessing the relative constancy of precious metals, Gigzi protects users against the unpredictability of market fluctuations. Introducing a reliable standard of measure, enabling commerce in tokenised precious metals. Security Gigzi utilises impenetrable iris recognition technology for account access control, through an exclusive partnership with the world leading biometric security company. Gigzi will enable users to protect private keys and instead gain access with the unique configuration of their iris. Wealth protection By backing crypto-assets with pure, unfabricated precious metals that are redeemable on demand. Metal is sourced exclusively from a world-renowned mint with all investments guaranteed under law. Gigzi prevents wealth diminishment. Gigzi is comprised of four crypto-assets that are both unique and complementary, they operate on a decentralised peer-to-peer network and are supported by three core applications: a Wallet, an Exchange and a Treasury. Together, they empower users to independently manage wealth.

You can see their videos below:

Gigzi Black

The value of GZB is very market dependent, unlike other cryptographic assets on the Gigzi platform. The total supply of tokens is 1 billion, of which 10% will be distributed during crowd sales.

Derived from the system of gold prizes resulting from transaction fees imposed on the platform.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Gigzi architecture provides incentives for users to have trust in the market. And this is done by distributing gold prizes based on the number of GZB held and the duration of detention.

Gigzi Metal

Crypto assets unlike the first are divided into GZG, GZP and GZS, and are interesting, each supported by a precious metal with a specified name.
Each supply is directly proportional to the basic physical assets that are the basis.

Gigzi signifies various benefits for crypto-spheres, some of which are discussed in the following paragraph.

Token distribution

Fiat channel

To be honest, many cryptocurrency platforms now know how fiat channels are very important to build investor interest and trust. However, only a few have succeeded in utilizing a very functional one.

The Gigzi platform is integrated with fiat channels which allows users to easily withdraw their cryptocurrency and be used to pay debts and make payments.




Personally, Gigzi is a timely intervention on the emerging cryptocurrency market. That is not possible at a more favorable time. And, I strongly believe that it will exceed public expectations.

For more information you can see it below:

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