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Hello friends all are still with me Ade prayoga. This time I will provide information about a very interesting project for you to see, in a new cryptocurrency named CryptoTycoon. Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

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Features Play your role  Four tycoons each with their own set of skills to learn. Ultra-simple 

Gameplay  Five components to create complex rigs.

Massive multiplayer mode  Create your empire together, without restrictions!

Cheat Story  Enter Story Mode and see if you can survive.

Drama  Infiltrate and sabotage enemy towers to win the race.

Ner-friendly *  Design drawings and your own components.

Trade like a pro.  Sell ​​coins, towers, computers and drawings.

Meet tycoons Tycoons - these are 4 canonical characters of almost every startup. The hacker encodes things, the hustler ensures that this is what the market wants, the engineer does hardcore programming and hardware settings, and finally the insider ensures that the company has all the advantages necessary for competition. To summarize the gameplay that you can get tokens, trade them and spend on the purchase of components / snap-ins. You can research components and sell your installations / parts. You can develop drawings and sell them or sell entire rigs based on your drawings. You can abuse the news and always be ahead of the market. You can sabotage clusters, corps and alliances (hacker in a black hat) or do the opposite (hacker in a white hat). You can build an empire and stay in the shadows. And then you can mix it all (yes, that's right!).

It will be a massive blockchain simulation that looks and, more importantly, works as one. Since the game is decentralized (and in the absence of the Game Master, any client can assume this role with some restrictions), we actually do not have a game server. However, we have a client-server relationship, because the node sends its game state to the game master, and, conversely, the game master provides feedback to the node. We developed our own protocol over UDP to provide such effective communication (Barracuda Protocol).

Barracuda Protocol  So why is it [Anti] ICO? 

Well, for starters, we started crowdfunding with ETH, and that's all there is. [CTY] the tokens you receive, and only the confirmation you financed with a certain amount of ETH. We will exchange [CTY] only for in-game rewards, game content and in-game currency. [CTY] will not be listed on any exchange. [CTY] will not be sold on any exchange. This is a useless token with the sole purpose of providing confirmation of funds sent after the end of Crowdsale.

Why do you even need a crowdsale? 

We want to provide an exceptional game and exceptional experience, create great graphics, quickly update network protocols and not reduce the quality of the game in the process. Honestly, this requires funding, which we simply do not have. The high-level list of our stretch goals is as follows:

    More tycoons! Full 3D with improved graphics. Multiple multiplayer gameplay settings in the RTS (attack and defense with a rig).

There will be a Reddit message (and “answer” here) outlining our future plans as soon as the total amount of funding is at least approximately estimated. There are a lot of ideas, but we want to bring them to life.

So, crowdsale, yes. What are your rewards then? 

We offer two types of rewards for members of CryptoTycoon Crowdsale:
    Smart Rewards Milestone Rewards

Smart Rewards  

Smart Reward applies to all Crowdsale members. This award is based on the amount of ETH funding (the amount received by CTY). As soon as you participate in CryptoTycoon Crowdsale, you will immediately receive the right to receive in-game currency and game content via Smart Reward. The actual amount of game currency and the type of game content you are going to receive. calculated after completion of Crowdsale. Your Smart Reward is determined based on these parameters:
    ETH financing amount (CTY ​​amount received) Date when you joined Crowdsale How many sponsors gave more than you How many sponsors gave less than you
In short, the more you deposit and the faster you join, the better Smart Reward will be applied. On the contrary, the later you join and the less you finance, the less smart reward will be. This system is used to ensure fair remuneration of our sponsors for the amount they contribute and for the obligations they provide.

 Milestone Awards The Milestone Award is given to any member of CryptoTycoon Crowdsale. To qualify for Milestone Reward, you simply need to deposit a certain amount of ETH or higher. The amount financed is rounded to the nearest Milestone Reward. For example, if you financed 0.3 ETH, you will receive a Milestone award for 0.2 ETH. If you financed 0.9 ETH, you will receive a Milestone award for 0.5 ETH. Keep an eye on   this list here  , as we will definitely add more Milestone Rewards at the top and in between.

After all this, we invite you to join the Early Crowd. Early participation in our Crowdsale provides an exchange rate of 1 ETH = 12 CTY (20% discount). The “Early Crowd” runs from December 10 to January 10, 2019. Then we start the “Main crowd”, which will be held from January 10, 2019 to March 20, 2019. Start and end dates are processed in the era of time (UTC 00:00). community voice and let's build this game together!

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