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Hello Blogger users, on this occasion, I will discuss about the project KARATCOIN is very interesting in cryptocurrency, so for that you are very obliged to see and understand the articles that I made for you. The discussion is as follows:

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Gold is becoming an object of investment interest in the yellow metal is growing rapidly. From a common exchange commodity, gold will turn into a medium of exchange and payment, into a universal equivalent it is a direct path to a revolution in the economy.

The decentralized area is unusually new and is identified as a project that is still in its infancy, but has tremendous development opportunities in almost all sectors of the economy. The company Karatcoin (https://karatcoin.co/ ), combining centralized and decentralized worlds, creates a platform based on Blockchain technology for trading gold certificates. This platform is directly connected with gold mines our case is gold).

There are no restrictions on geographic location - after the transformation of this metal into kryptozoloto. You can buy it in any country. All transportation costs and taxes on it are reduced to a minimum, leaving the raw material at its place of origin. 

Karat Blockchain will provide the ability to securely store “gold” assets in the Gold Certificate on the wallet. Also, gold will only increase its value over time.

Consent DPOS (delegated rate proof) is an accelerated verification time. All documents are stored in IPFS format - a guarantee of their immutability. Karatcoin is indirectly linked to physical assets with Blockchain membership. This is an important advantage of the project. Also a stimulating item is Karatcoin Gold Certificates, each of which provides two semi-annual coupons with yield up to 6%.

Another important and interesting part of the project is that Karatcoin will create a decentralized application in the gold market. The product is based on private Blockchain technology over EOS technology.

The Karat Foundation seeks to support organizational initiatives of the community and citizens and will be created in accordance with the UN Guidelines on Business and Human Rights. In my opinion this is a very important aspect that raises the status of this project.

The Karatcoin (KCL) loan is a decentralized loan product for authorized members through a smart contract issuing KCX , with a financial period that meets the needs of the financing goal or the country (participant) with a common debt management strategy. Gold Mine borrowers will benefit from medium / long term maturity (up to 10 years), transparent pricing, embedded hedging products.

Members of the Karatcoin team ( https://karatcoin.co/ ) have proven in the past how to create a company from scratch and bring it to the top of success. These indicators show the reliability and availability of the project:

To promote the project successfully, Karatcoin launched ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Become a member of the project by purchasing KBC standard ERC-20 tokens.

Details ICO

The period from 03.09 to 11.11.2018. 

Hardcap $ 

24,000,000 Softcap $ 3,000,000 

Number of tokens 24,000,000 KCD (24%) 

1 KCD = 0.1 $ 

Minimum participation $ 100 ( https://karatcoin.dreammy.io/register )

DAPP application https://dapp.dreammy.io/

DAPP Video Presentation

Also at certain stages there are bonuses when buying KCD:

Tokens are distributed according to the following principle:

The funds raised will be fully directed to the implementation and development of the next project. They will be distributed as follows:

The final stage is to unite all refineries, gold mining companies and business assets into a single Blockchain ecosystem. The whole world will talk about Karatcoin - this is the most promising project from idea to team - everything is thought out to the smallest detail. All this makes Karatcoin attractive and radically distinguishes it from other ecosystems!

For more information you can see it below:

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