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EXTREMIUM - the first investment platform based on the blockchain

Hello friends all back on my Blog. for this time I will provide information and invite you to work on the ongoing ICO with a very good product in a new cryptocurrency called EXTREMIUM. Before heading into the discussion I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.


Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin growth has been falling almost as fast as it grew last fall. The collapse depends on many factors, and probably everyone has been disappointed in Bitcoin. Together with the well-known Bitcoin, other currencies are falling, even the most experienced investors have lost their nerves, the situation is so acute that, in anticipation of growth, we can simply simply give up and go at a loss by selling all our assets. Volatility is an essential attribute of cryptocurrency. Price fluctuations cut off inexperienced investors from the market. But how to survive on the cryptocurrency market regardless of the zigzags of the same Bitcoin and general volatility, and a sharp drop? Today in this review we will look at a very interesting project that will allow us to hold fast in the market and receive passive income.


To invest in cryptocurrency is not enough to purchase coins on certain stock exchanges, you need to sit on news sites for hours. Namely, on many sites now there are dubious analysts who predict a rise and fall in cryptocurrencies, which are often incorrect. And if you often listen to such analysts, then you can just go at a loss. That is why a new approach to forecasting is simply necessary in order to generate income with the greatest profit. Forecasting market movement using a neural network is the most profitable option. According to statistics, in 80-90% prediction using a neural network correctly indicates the movement of the market.

EXTREMIUM is an investment platform based on the blockchain technology, thanks to which you can invest in cryptocurrency and receive passive income, regardless of the market situation, market movement forecasting will take place thanks to a neural network. The project developers chose an incremental neural network, which is considered the best. This platform will allow investors to receive a stable income from investing in cryptocurrencies without going into details of the market movement, since the neural network will take care of this. Income will no longer depend on bitcoin zigzags.


Let's consider the benefits of software. 

  1. Stop - loss. Each trader is aware of this term, we recall that this term refers to an exchange order that is put up by the investor or by the trader in order to limit losses when the currency reaches a certain price. Extremium software sets stop loss on its own to avoid losses.
  2. Every experienced investor knows the expression “never invest all your money in one cryptocurrency”. The developers of Extremium have foreseen this moment and the software will support different exchanges, which will allow investors to safely invest their money in various currencies.
  3. News. The software automatically analyzes all the latest news, which will allow you to make more accurate predictions about the price change.
All of the above suggests the conclusion that the developers are directing all their forces to investors for profit, and every detail has been considered.

In addition, the platform also has several advantages: 
  1. Innovation. Among the competitors there is no one who is engaged in forecasting using the neural network.
  2. Security and anonymity. Do not worry about your personal data; data transfer to third parties is excluded.

The simplest platform to use. Each of us will be able to create personal profiles on the platform. The generation of wallets is also taken into account. Including it will be allowed to keep their assets until better times. For fans of referral links, developers have prepared affiliate programs. It will be enough to advertise the platform and get tokens for it. Create a team and earn income. Everything is easy, no complications.


Token - EXT

Pre Sale is active from November 10th 

End Date Pre Sale - November 30, 2018

The cost of the token at Pre Sale - $ 0.50

Standard - ERC20

Soft Cap - $ 1,000,000

Hard Cap - $ 10,000,000

After the end of Pre Sale, the sale of the token will be divided into 5 rounds. The cost of the token will increase with each round by $ 0.20 - $ 0.30. At the moment there is a good opportunity to purchase tokens at an attractive price.

Each of us came to cryptocurrency for profit. Today, its receipt is difficult because of the constant jumps in the market. The developers of the project against the background of constant jumps have developed a platform with the help of which making profit will become much easier and more accessible. If you are interested in accurate forecasts, the EXTREMIUM project will help you with this. Let's trust the neural network and keep our nerves while making a profit!   

[WEBSITE] ( https://extremium.io/ )

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