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BitValve - The most advanced P2P crypto exchange platform

Hello friend - everything returns to my Blog. This time I will provide information and invite you to work on the ongoing ICO with a very good product in the new cryptocurrency, BitValve. Before heading into the discussion I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

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Although we have witnessed the growth of the cryptocurrency buying and selling industry in Indonesia in recent years, this industry is still in its infancy. In addition, existing Peer to Peer cryptocurrency exchanges, often having relatively high costs, support a limited number of cryptocurrency and do not allow crypto-to-crypto trading. In addition, the existing exchanges have a very basic and difficult to understand user experience design (UX) and user interface design (UI), lack of support for iPhone and Android applications, weak information security, expensive offers or no dispute resolution support, based on slow and rigid processes, including limited payment methods, and limited availability.

What is BitValve

BitValve is a P2P Exchange platform, with major advantages that will change the way people trade Peer to Peer, by combining all the benefits of current exchanges and overcoming losses that make the market not reach its full potential. This platform will not only target professional traders, but also normal users who only want to exchange their coins for fiat or for other cryptos in a fast, cheap and efficient way.


Our vision is to create a platform among the world's largest P2P cryptocurrency exchange platforms to achieve this, the Company will be guided by three main objectives, namely, (i) making an affordable, accessible, fast, easy and safe exchange of global cryptocurrency; (ii) increasing trust in cryptocurrency exchanges through P2P technology; and (iii) provide cryptocurrency currency traders with a "one-stop shop" solution that allows them to trade with cryptocurrency in the most efficient way.

Problems that the Platform wants to solve

Cryptocurrency is usually exchanged through centralized or decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. In centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, third parties help exchange users by conducting their transactions. In a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (also known as P2P exchange), there is no such third party.

Decentralized exchanges are usually safer than centralized exchanges because trade takes place directly between users. However, existing decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges have significant weaknesses, such as relatively high costs, supporting a limited number of cryptocurrency, don't enable crypto-to-crypto trading, having basic UX designs and UI designs, lack of support for iPhone and Android applications, having Weak information security, expensive bidding or dispute resolution support does not exist, based on a slow and rigid process, including limited payment methods, and has limited availability.

Our solution

This platform aims to take advantage of the benefits of decentralized exchanges, while, at the same time, removing the weaknesses of the current decentralized exchanges:

Up to 50% less fees

Professional Traders who will pay the commission using their BTV Tokens will pay 50%less commission fees than the current competitor exchanges. Traders without BTV Tokens will pay 20% less commission fee, payable in any cryptocurrency. 

Multi Cryptocurrency support

BitValve will be the only P2P exchange that will support many cryptocurrency for trading. They will include, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. We will add a new cryptocurrency every month, according to market demand.

Crypto to Crypto Trading

The BitValve platform will also allow Crypto trading to Crypto. We will provide our traders with the option to trade one cryptocurrency for another. Because the Platform will support many cryptocurrency in the user's wallet, the Crypto to Crypto trade will be made entirely and safely through the Platform. For example, a user will be able to "Sell 1 Ethereum for 418 Ripples".

Unique UX design and UI

The design of our exclusive website will offer a better user experience for BitValve traders. The aim is to design and develop a platform that will be easy to use, problem-free, easy, and friendly.

Official Mobile Application

The official BitValve mobile app for iOS and Android will provide traders with instant and uninterrupted platform access. Users will be able to act and respond to trades from anywhere using any device with our secure application.

Enhanced Security and Availability

BitValve will implement the latest security measures and techniques, thus ensuring the security of trade transactions. The platform will also be available on the Onion network to ensure anonymous and uninterrupted access.

24/7 Support and Dispute Resolution

The BitValve support team will be available 24/7 on live chat, e-mail, telegram and BitcoinTalk to ensure the best trouble-free experience for traders. Dispute resolution will be handled by legal professionals at no affordable cost.

Token metrics

The following table contains all the information for the BitValve Token (BTV) metrics.
Following the table, there is an explanation of the BTV sale for the pre-ICO and the ICO.

Sales of BTV tokens through pre-ICO

Admission from pre-ICO will be used primarily to develop Demo and ensure the success of the ICO. Pre-ICO will be executed on a first-come basis, first served until the total amount of funds collected reaches USD 330,000. Therefore, the Company cannot guarantee that all interested participants will be able to participate in pre-ICO. Investors willing to participate in pre-ICO need to create an account on the website www.BitValve.com and make it invest in BTC, Bitcoin Cash ("BCH") and ETH. All investors participating in the pre-ICO will receive a 40% bonus. This means, if an investor makes an investment of 10 BTC in pre-ICO, his investment will be considered as an investment of 14 BTC for the purpose of calculating the amount of BTV tokens that will be issued to that investor.

Sales of BTV tokens through ICO

The aim of ICO is to raise funds needed for the development and success of the final product launch, namely, BTV related platforms and tokens. Compared to other ICOs, the Company requires a reasonable amount of finance to complete the Project and, therefore, the ICO maximum limit is set at USD 2.8 million. Investors participating in ICO will be entitled to bonuses of up to 20%, depending on the time they make their investment. More specifically, the following bonus rules will apply:

  1. First Period 01/03-08/03/2019: investors who invest within the time period of 7 dayscommencing on the date of the launch of the ICO will get a bonus of 20%;
  2. Second Period 08/03-15/03/2019: investors who invest within the time period of 7days following the expiration of the First Period will get a bonus of 10%;
  3. Third Period 15/03-22/03/2019: investors who invest within the time period of 7 daysfollowing the expiration of the Second Period will get a bonus of 5%; 

Allocation of BTV tokens

All BTV tokens will be distributed into five major groups, namely, Investors, BitValve Ltd, Mitigation Risks, Advisors and Bounties, who will get the following percentage of the total BTV Tokens:

Investor: Investors will receive a large portion (70%) of all BTV tokens
because the financial resources provided by them will be very important
for (i) the launch of the ICO and (ii) the development of platforms and BTV related tokens

BitValve Ltd: BitValve Ltd will receive 15% of all BTV tokens in return for preparing, managing and managing the Project.

Risk Mitigation: 12% of all BTV tokens will be saved to reduce risk objectives. The token will be traded only if additional funds are truly mandatory.

Advisor: Some advisors will receive 1% of all BTV tokens for
provide advice regarding Projects, such as business, marketing, technology advice, and law.

Bounty: 2% of all BTV tokens will be used to reward influencers who have spread pre-ICO and ICO information through various channels including, without limitation, social networks, online news, and blog posts.


The company will be guided by the following road map when working on the Project. Date the road map is indicative and can change according to the Company's decision. In this case the Company changes the estimated date, the Company will update this White Paper.

At this point, an explanation from me and to avoid all forms of fraud, find accurate and reliable information or visit their official link that I have provided below:

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