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Planport - Supply Chain Protocol

Hello, I'll explain about Planport Project

Due to the limited tools available, the supply chain industry relies heavily on manual processes.

Supply Chain Challenge

Solution: Supply Chain Protocol

The supply chain process involves many steps that require parties to use a collaborative approach throughout their life cycle. Planport simplifies this process by integrating the entire procurement process with the power of blockchain technology. In addition, Planport aims to create seamless interaction directly from management, tracking, publishing and spend, payment processing and 
performance, among others.

Supply Chain Protocols

Enterprise Planport Solutions

Planport Supplier Solutions

Financial market trading plan

Planport RFx

Building without RFI, RFP, RFQ, with a seamless team collaboration system and stakeholders. Source and update decisions are easy to manage from start to finish.

Financial market trading plan

Planport builds a network based on Blockchain's registry technology that eliminates the risk of duplication and duplication and gives full access to the global network of participants both as buyers 
and sellers of commercial finance asset documents.

Planport Network of Experts on Demand

Planport promises an innovative model designed to facilitate the procurement process by linking it to a specialized workforce for businesses and individuals. This network is designed to help avoid costly and time-consuming business consultation.

The Procurement Officer will be able to easily contact experts in different categories, needs and transactions without the same complexity as the Procurement Consulting firm. This means that there is no significant initial investment or long-term contracts, and the user can increase or decrease, or even turn off as simply as you can turn it on.

Planport auction

Planport's reverse auction capability means that users can benefit from the following key benefits designed to promote economic practices. Improved overall effect and dynamic procurement process: reduced procurement costs, improved procurement processes, increased efficiency in the market and access to a global supplier base.

Planport Payment

Transactions within the Planport network will use our ERC20 token, which solves the problem of B2B money transfer. This is achieved through the introduction of low-cost real-time access, protection and reconciliation that are eliminated. This will increase market delivery and profitability.

Planport Project Manager

The Supplier Supplier Management Portal is designed to make life easier for suppliers, allowing them to reduce response time from one minute to the next and respond to tenders. We also have a reputation and performance evaluation system that can help the network to easily identify the best offender, eliminate risk and, ultimately, generate more meaningful business results.

Planport Contract

Planport uses a cryptographically secure intelligent contract that can be used for various projects, events and network schedules. As a result, this means that businesses can eliminate legal risks, high shipping costs, slow automation of projects and more.

Some PORT token problems solve

Just returns

Suppliers want to monetize their ideas and innovations that they bring to the table for the company and get a fair incentive in return. Currently, there is no mechanism to solve this problem, so ideas and fixes are locked.

Decentralization Consulting based on the company

One of the features of Planport's network is on-demand consultation. This means that the current system with which the consultant advises the company on various aspects of procurement is done in the Planport system on the pay-per-use model rather than on the contract month and the significant costs that must be locked .

The Procurement Manager will be able to easily connect with experts from different categories, needs and transactions without the same complexity as the Procurement Consulting Company. This means there are no initial or long-term contracts, and users can either upgrade, downgrade, or even disable it as simply as a user can activate it.

Security and deposits in pounds sterling

Planport utility (PORT) tokens can be hidden for submission of proposals, submission of new proposals, issuance of RFPs and initiation of contracts. The number of tokens required for bets can be dynamically designed based on the number of projects, project values, and other factors such as the reputation and ratings of the entities.

Distribution of the fund

Token distribution

Here are the reviews I present to you all in finding information and knowing the Planport project currently being run by their team, if there is any lack of explaining this article, do not worry, I have set up a link for you to get accurate information. . information and of course you will be able to talk directly with or their team, at the link.

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