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BUZZSHOW = Is one of the first social networking video sites to adopt blockchain

BuzzShow is a fully developed social-based gift
a media video network that rewards BuzzShow Goldies Tokens users for creating, curating, sharing & viewing videos

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Video has become the mainstay of entertainment. The emergence of video platform
such as YouTube and Vimeo have increased the demand for video exponentially in Indonesia, developed countries and more and more around the world. Since this multi-billion dollar industry is run by a large non-profit company, it's not surprising that they are getting that increase thanks to the valuable content created by the often underpaid or even unpaid creative thoughts. For other users, like viewers and curators, even worse. This user's social activity, reviews,

recommendations for great content or priceless political content will not be accepted
Compensation or at that time even censored. Some companies like Facebook and
Twitter does not have a profit-sharing formula at all, despite generating billions
of dollars from advertising revenue. On the other hand, price-gaps with paid online video services need not be widened, as paying for content without advertising is only possible on subscription-based or pay-per-view media.

Buzzshow offers a fresh decentralization approach to the online video market
which will restore power to the hands of the creator, the curator and
consumers who form the basis of the market. Under a decentralized plumbing system, so that the content, curator and consumer community can decide among themselves what value they fit into each other's services, without center parties standing to take
Most of the profits. This means an opportunity for all users to get it
Economic rewards whenever they sign up, view, upload, recommend or
video sharing

Blockchain technology has disrupted some industries and forcibly repaired them Many organizations are unhappy because of blockchain, Technology essentially negates the need for a centralized company that holds the bulk, power over products, consumers and suppliers. Some of the leading industries, which have been disturbed are the financial, payment process, and electronics recording industry Experts also believe that by 2020, will be more affected than the other 50 industries, causing a major shift in the status quo. Main cast
In this industry there are social media networks, video streaming, and advertising companies.
Online video consumption has become a popular internet activity for billions
around the world. The leading country when it comes to online video is Saudi.

Saudi with a video industry penetration of 98 percent. Even regions like Africa have seen an increasing number of people relying on video as a source of both entertainment and information. In America alone, the number of people who rely on video streaming for entertainment and as a source of information is expected to pass 232 million.

A recent study shows that each advertiser earns about $ 154 billion a year from related video advertising revenues in America alone. Businesses are willing to spend more than $ 20,000 on video marketing each year because of the range of these media types. Businesses at least create content once a week and allocate more than a quarter of their advertising budgets Video ads Most of the millennium state that they spend more time watching videos online rather than watching television. Most of the videos.

Consumption is on mobile devices because they have the ability to stream content while on the way Video has also been integrated into social media increasing the number of videos that become viruses. Additional niches like live video and virtual reality are also evolving. In line with this demand has become the growth of online video content creators. This video creator generates content that the masses enjoy. Their budget is relatively small but
the creativity they bring makes the audience entertained.

Limitations of the current Online Video Market

Content creation is of course fundamental to the online video industry.
Most creators need a platform where they can reach their audience. Today, large companies have most of these platforms. Because this organization is centralized, they limit the freedom of expression it creates content requires. In addition, they take the majority of the revenue it made from the video. In most cases, large companies do not share the revenue of user-generated content (UGC), which is how most videos are created on social networks like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter that dominate the market. Lack of wealth sharing Schemes explain why companies like YouTube have sustained growth while content makers' revenue has declined. Other than that,
Some forms of censorship begin to happen with some videos downgraded in rank in search algorithm. This directly limits the audience that content creators can access.

In addition to creators, curators are also important because they share and distribute content to their audiences. Unfortunately, this is one of the most unappreciated roles in the video industry. Most platforms are not curators of video gifts for their efforts to share information with others. Social media sites are well known. Twitter and Facebook do not have it
profit sharing platform for curators and video creators.

Other platforms like Facebook allow creators to post videos on Facebook
platform, but has no revenue-sharing form. The results of the content creators do not want to spend their time and money creating content without any form of compensation. This centralized organization is also willing to provide corporate channels and post greater exposure on their platforms as they are paid. Over the years, creators have to work in these conditions because they have no alternatives.


Blockchain technology has the potential to solve the problems in the online video industry. A decentralized blockchain can be created as you wish
Give creators the platform they really control. In addition, income

can be shared between creators, curators, and consumers according to the level of activity and popularity of their content. Rewards can be offered to those who often watch on stage to create incentives that ensure that content on the platform has an audience. Using blockchain technology offers several key benefits for existing Buzzshow users the platform will be able to instantly provide:

1. me. The first benefit is that the platform prevents companies from restricting creative freedom of video content creators. As long as Content is not bordering on hate speech or violates rights. Others, creators should have a platform to share their ideas.
Corporations are inherently biased, and they tend to lean one side of an argument. Blockchain will provide a truly equivalent place where ideas can be shared. The alpha version of this platform is not yet decentralized. However, it is intended that future releases of the platform will be gradually decentralized as the third generation of adult and available blockchain technology.

2. The second benefit is the confidentiality of the blockchain-based platform.
Sometimes content creators prefer to keep their identities anonymous to enable them to continue living a normal life.
Blockchains use pseudonyms that offer superior secrecy without affecting revenue In addition, social space on YouTube and Facebook does not belong to the user. It belongs to the company, and they are entitled to remove, block and close channels and
accounts based on their discretion, most of whose time is guided.
The freedom of users to create by letting them have their accounts and data all the time is now being affected by the very companies that initially disrupted the monopoly of Apple and Microsoft by offering unregulated platforms. Digital media giants like Facebook and YouTube have become so big and powerful that they themselves are now starting to become one-sided in the way they do business, exceeding the rights of users with a variety of basic average privacy and property rights.

3. I'm me. The third major benefit is content security. Most conventional platforms like Google may have a system to prevent copyright issues, but not as effective as some people have developed ingenious methods to bypass this copyright limitations. Blockchains are based on safer algorithms. Additionally Buzzshow prevents infringement of copyright infrastructure will be coupled with our two unique ecosystem roles: Moderators and Validators. These two roles are compensated for validating copyright information and to monitor and flag any content that violates Buzzshow policies. Prevent copyright
violations will spur the development of additional native content platforms.

None of these three features can be achieved by relying on proprietary companies
content platform

What is buzzshow?

Buzzshow is one of the first social networking video sites to adopt blockchain technology to provide a platform that prioritizes the interests of content creators, curators and viewers first. Blockchain uses Goldies as a cryptocurrency that provides incentives for creating, sharing and viewing videos on BuzzShow.
Platform members not only earn as creators of content, but also earn revenue as they share videos and when they view videos. This is the first fully developed social networking video that lets everyone get involved in contributing and earning money on the platform.

This platform intends to us IPFS (InterPlanetary File Sharing) in future releases to ensure the content is completely decentralized. It allows files to be stored without relying on a centralized database as most video sites rely on. As a result, it is not susceptible to DOS attacks or ransomware attacks because the video will be deployed across various systems. The benefit is that it's faster, more open and more secure than centralized streaming video streaming method This technology is useful for BuzzShow as it allows the platform to be completely decentralized while saving bandwidth costs significantly.

BuzzShow is committed to ensuring that revenues generated from Ads and premium subscriptions are distributed equally among the entire "food chain" including content creators, curators, marketers, and consumers according to the level of participation and popularity of those platforms. Most other video sharing sites maintain around 50 percent of
revenue from ads, as in the case of YouTube using 55-45 percentage sharing schemes, or keeping overall revenue for itself as in the case of Facebook and Twitter. 
Under the creators of the content of this scheme and the curator, is forced to split the remaining portion of the remaining income, although it does most of the work. Buzzshow aims to disrupt the industry by allowing all parties to participate in revenue generated from content creation.

Buzzshow feature

Users on the platform will earn money while uploading their first video platform This is a very simple way to earn Goldies even before the demand on the site grows. They can also get with every referral that the site confirms Once the user registers based on their referrals, they also get some
Another feature is the ability to create channels and upload videos for free.
There are no paid options that offer content creators greater capital opportunities. Everyone starts at the same price, and it's absolutely free for everyone. This
discourages companies from paying for preferential treatment on the platform.
They will support their favorite creators by sending Goldies. This
Goldies will not incur excessive transaction fees such as Patreon and other donation platforms, but rather near zero micro-transaction costs.
This will ensure that creators get the support they need.
In addition, creators can sell access to their content that enables them to earn Goldies if their content is high quality. Users can access this premium
fill with paying Goldies they get on the platform.
Advertisers will be able to directly pay the creator and curator to make sure
that the ad is placed in the video for the right target audience. This is a more effective strategy than random ad placement without advertiser feedback




For more information, please visit:

WEBSITE: https://www.buzzshow.com/tokensale/
BLOG: http://buzzshow.com/blog
WhitePaper: https://www.buzzshow.com/tokensale/resources/files /buzzshow_white_paper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buzzshownetwork/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/buzzshownetwork
Telegram: https://t.me/buzzshow
Reddit: https: //www.reddit. com / user / BuzzShow

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