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ugChain: the decentralized game ecosystem

Why did ugChain choose the video game industry?

The gaming industry has a huge user base. The current size of the user base of Chinese players is nearly 507 million. Apart from this, the size of the gaming industry market will reach the trillion scale in the near future. There is a margin for a huge profit margin.

We believe that the problems in the gaming industry can be overcome by applying the right blockchain technology. Therefore blockchain in the near future will be considered an inevitable trend for the development of the gaming industry.

What is the competitive advantage of ugChain?

ugChain is the first game-based ecosystem based on blockchain technology in China. In April 2017, ugChain completed the first app platform based on blockchain for games.

ugChain encourages smart contract attributes from blockchain to solve current miko transaction problems and hiccups in the industry. Blockchain-based game platform not only has the ability to empower technology, but also strengthens resource integration.

With a flawless experience in the development of blockchain-based applications and gaming industry operations, ugChain has collaborated with a number of major game and platform companies.


One hundred million (100,000,000) CGUs were created as CGU's total supply.

UGToken supplies are allocated as follows:

45% CGU (45,000,000) distributed by the crowd

30% CGU (30,000,000) will be allocated to community initiatives related to business development, as well as research and academic education

10% CGU (10,000 000) is distributed to market promotion and expansion

10% CGU (10,000 000) is distributed among the founders, and the development team

5% CGU (10,000 000) is distributed among fund donors and consultants.

The team of Blood of ugChain

As a part of ugChain business development, our team keeps growing and developing. The bright future and technical strength of the project has also attracted more remarkable talent.

In Orgain's strategic layout, the Chengdu office will serve as a center for operations and development. Meanwhile, ugChain is actively building other branches abroad, including the UK; to make new changes in project introductions, collaborative partners and developer collections.

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