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Find and get hackvc Token in your Investment.

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What is a Hackvc Token?

HACK is a new Ethereal-based etiquette issued by HACK VC, and can be bought, sold and traded through the online exchange as a liquid transaction.

HACK is based on the ERC223 protocol. ERC223 solves problems with ERC20 standards while remaining compatible with ERC20 compatible wallets. HACK is a tradable digital token that can be used for participation, representation, proof of membership in H / F or other appropriate purposes.

KrowdMentor, perusahaan investasi dan penasihat strategis yang memberdayakan investor, dana, pemula, dan pengusaha blokir, mengembangkan token tersebut. KrowdMentor juga memberikan pengembangan kontrak yang cerdas, sistem manajemen kontrak yang cerdas serta melalui peran penasihat lainnya untuk mendukung HACK VC.

Token Sale

Token Sale Launches After Cap Stage 2 Reached

Token exchange rate

1 USD = 1 HACK


Currency received: ETH, BTC

Minimum transaction amount:

buy 1 HACK

Minimum Investment

US: $ 50K

Rest of the world: $ 1

Hidden hat

Revealed when 80% achieved

Token Sale Bonus

Allocation of Token

70% Token Discount

5% Operational & Advisory

75% Total Token Sales

20% Reserve Company

Founder Portfolio 3%

2% Community Development

25% Company + Misc.

75% of all tokens will be allocated for sale, with 5% of the amount leading to operational costs. Any additional operating costs will be borrowed from the remaining 70% and will be repaid at 5% interest per annum.

The company reserves will calculate an additional 20% of all tokens. The company will impose a 4-year vest with a 1-year cliff for every evidence issued to the team. 3% will be distributed to the founders of the H / F portfolio company and 2% will be used for community development.
Token Presale

Presale Phase 1 begins

Wednesday 15 November 2017 at 12.00 PST

Visit hackvc.hf.cx for more information or to participate

Token exchange rate

$ 1 USD = 1 HACK

Currency received: ETH, BTC

Minimum transaction amount: purchase 1 HACK

(US citizens have a higher minimum due to existing laws Contact us for more details)

Let's join our pre sale and get a bonus with you invest in our project.

For more information you can see the link below that I have provided:

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