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Refereum review from Raptor

Hello everybody! I propose to consider a project that offers a better life for video game gamers, video game developers and streamers. That's where all the gaming fans (or maybe their whole relatives!) Will rejoice there, because the idea offered by the platform Referee - PLAY gamers, that they "earn" in the virtual world. And he was hypocritical and earned. https://refereum.com

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Refereum aims to create an incentive system for gamers and ribbons that allow game developers to pay players and ribbons in exchange for game awards, online games, tournaments, leads, and more. All transactions are executed using smart contracts for etereum cream blocks. Refereum aims to provide benefits to three major game ecosystem players, including developers, gamers and ribbons / influencers. These three sides are losing in the current ecosystem: developers pay too much for their audience, gamers are not rewarded for their game, and influential people can not capture the full potential of their audience. Refereum aims to solve this problem with the help of a unique platform based on the block.

What is referral?

Refereum, found online at Refereum.com, connects game developers with gamers, ribbons and viewers. The platform is aimed at solving major problems in the gaming community: developers pay artificially high fees to reach fans. Powerful Twitch and YouTube players have the greatest tracking on the Internet, but they do not see the expected results based on the size of their audience. "Playing as a career is not affordable for most players," explained the official website.

This inefficiency is caused by intermediaries and intermediaries. Platforms like YouTube greatly reduce the revenue generated by each video ad. Developers also need to pay for advertising on this platform, with significant reductions turning to intermediaries. The end result is that developers pay too much to reach their audience, gamers are not rewarded for watching or playing games, and influential ones do not capture the full potential of their audience. With this in mind, Refereum wants to cut the marketing intermediary by rewarding influential players and players to promote and play videos games.

How does Refereum work?

Refereum solves the most important problem in the gaming industry, using an open market approach. This approach is meant to cover borders and languages. It is also meant to cover the level of influence, so "anyone with a certain level of influence can participate, including constant fans or people, simply share the game with one." The abstract will appeal not only to the great influential people, the viewers.

Developers can choose what is considered referential. For example, they can rely on settings. However, they can track more advanced referrals - for example, just count the settings of players who actually interact with the game, for example gamers who play at least 5 hours of play. Meanwhile, developers can reward gamers based on certain actions. For example, they can reward gamers for earning money in return for joining the Twitch stream for a 12 hour startup window. Or, they can give a gift of $ 10,000 eSports prize.

Some of the key features of the Refereum link chain include:

Contract Referee: This is the main contract supported by Refereum.

Examples of applications for referrals: referral reference program contracts, provided in the Refereum Plugin and SDK, including referral distribution mechanisms.

Game: created by other developers, this game can use individual referrer contracts to allow developers to have freedom in their own environment.

Abstract benefits
This essay aims to benefit the three major players involved in the game ecosystem, including gamers, developers and influential individuals.gamers

Earn money in video games
Share a game to earn commissions Trading or distributing referee tokens (RFRs) like cash Earn money from games

Earn More Money by Implementing additional income referendums available through Earnings. Reefereum.com Earn Income, Even if You Have Have a Little Do Everything Without Legal hearing.


Achieve Unprecedented Economic Efficiency Easy to Direct Scalable Direct Marketing Define Growth Criteria Offers cash prizes for eSports, clan, tournaments, etc. The referee team consists of industry veterans from the gaming industry and the digital advertising world. Key members include Dylan Jones (Founder), Alistair Doolin (Chief Technical Officer), Smart Contract Author, and Sloan Earl (Business Development). Before the introduction of the essay, Dylan Jones created some of the most paid Facebook and mobile names of all time. Interesting points passed by ICO. In total, 5 million tokens are programmed (this is the total supply), with token sales 2.5 million tokens (50% of total supply). The remaining chips are devoted to platform development (25%), incentives for game developers (10%), teams (10%) and stimulants (5%).

The RFR sign acts as a utility token for Refereum and allows participants to pass the value. Coins have real money value, because it can be used for virtual coins or in-game items.

The basic ICO for the referee token (RFR) begins December 12, 2017

For more information please see below:

Website: https://refereum.com/
Whitepaper: https://refereum.com/RefereumWhitepaper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Refereum/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/refereum

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