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CoinLion - Industrial Platform with One-Stop-Shop Trade

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CoinLion is an industry solution for managing complex digital asset trading. We believe that digital currency trading should be a satisfying process so CoinLion empowers digital currency investors to be exchanged and traded in a single portfolio management platform while providing market research and analysis to enable the adoption of intelligent, controlled and disciplined trading strategies. CoinLion users can acquire Lion in the form of incentive communities, and to share portfolios, research, and strategies with users. In a fast growing market with no simple solutions, CoinLion users enjoy access to a dedicated customer service team dedicated to answering your questions and adhering to the appropriate standards and standards. You buy and sell digital currencies.

Recovery Vision

CoinLion's vision creates an ecosystem where users can manage their digital assets (cryptocurrency) and use various analytics tools to become good investors / traders. In other words, CoinLion wants to be a one-stop-shop trading platform. Part of the solution is to have the right tools, and the other part is to create a strong ecosystem / community so people can learn, grow and share ideas.

Value Restoration Proposal

Each exchange considers their business models and capabilities to be the best. I will forgive you for not talking about CoinLion's basic capabilities. which in my opinion all exchanges, should at least be offered at a high level such as friendly interface, security, and customer service. Instead I will focus on CoinLion's unique offerings (portfolio management tools, double blocked ICO underwriting system and some security features) that will differentiate it from others.

Project Features

The CoinLion platform gives users the tools they need to make expert trading decisions. The platform also gives users the power to learn, grow and expand with a variety of portfolios, strategies and research. The original Token, Lion gives users the potential to earn it by giving value to the CoinLion platform community, which in turn creates an ecosystem where users can earn and spend on trading and management of digital assets.

CoinLion is building the world's first crypto-curent trading platform with portfolio management, publishing tools and promotion of double book order blockchain systems and token generation capabilities. Using smart ethereum-supported ERC20 contacts, CoinLion will introduce LION tokens that interact with the platform using smart contracts. Users can spend and earn LION in many ways including creating and sharing portfolios, strategies, research and content related to crypto management.

LION has many uses on the platform, allowing users to spend and get LION in various ways. this includes getting LION from the CoinLion platform itself. LION can earn revenue by creating and sharing portfolios, researching strategies with other users, sending CoinLion research and allowing advertisers to access your public profile and more. Spend CoinLion to follow and duplicate the portfolio of users create and publish multiple portfolios and access advanced features in portfolio management tools that use premium features in world-class library analysis and research to promote your portfolio in CoinLion's free portfolio list in the market and discount access to ICO displayed on the platform

Security Circuit Breaker / Cold Storage / Insurance

Circiut Breaker: The CoinLion platform will include an integrated circuit breaker such as a traditional stock exchange to protect the damage from the flash. Circuit breakers will be available for major currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. But the asrus breakers are designed to prevent market integrity, but are there to protect the 5 minute trade to stop for an hour. as more and more policies are added.

Cold Storage: CoinLion keeps a 98% deposit in Cold Storage. The remaining 2% will be used to facilitate faster withdrawal process.

Insurance: Hacking is a high risk. GBL and GOX China's shares lost BTC by 395 million. While the example occurred a few years ago, the risk persists to this day.

To swallow up investor concerns, CoinLion will offer full payment insurance if CoinLion has an attack on its online storage. In addition to insurance for residents of the United States, FDIC will insure accounts up to $ 250,000.

Distribution of Tokens and Funding

Date: 18 Dec 2017-25 Feb 2018

Price 1 ETH: 2500 LION

Circulation: 250,000,000 in ICO

Total Circulation: 500,000,000 LION

December 11, 2017 Pre-Sale Token OPEN

December 18, 2017 Token Sale OPEN (stage 1)

February 12, 2018 Token Sale OPEN (stage 2)

February 25, 2018 The final stage of the token sale

7 July 2018 Open tokens for trading of convention platforms

August 2018 Construction of new ongoing and coin

Video CoinLion at a Glance:

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User: dey90

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=731808

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