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LaLa Word - Improving daily lives via a single crypto wallet and single global currency

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Global Wallet, Local Partnerships

LALA World ("LALA") is about migrants and their unfit families. Its ECOSYSTEM is enabled by Wallet LALA as PLATFORM, a flag on the platform that revolves around their problems and problems. Employment issues, digital IDs, community builds, government and NGO partnerships, health issues, and of course, new financial ecosystems for huge populations by utilizing the Blockchain revolution to bridge the gap between cash, digital and the crypto world.

By creating a whole new peer to peer ecosystem, LALA aims to revolutionize the way individuals, small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs transact, make payments, borrow money and associated products like insurances, domestic and Cross-Border remittances, cards and other general banking products.

You can catch a glimpse of the video from our project details below:


Wallet LALA is your only access to all financial services in the LALA World ecosystem. You have a choice of top up and cash out, holding a fiat or multiple crypto emergency, with a number of financial services such as money transfers, loans, bill payments, cards and other normal banking products at your fingertips. LALA's wallet also lets you share your micro projects globally, lets you raise the issue of pressing unbanked and building your own community, thereby creating the right ecosystem benefits for everyone.

When you download for the first time, one of the safest multi-currency purses is created automatically, where users can fund with fiat or cryptocurrencies. We Also work with various banks and payment processors between geographers to increase global acceptance.

The core of this Wallet platform is LALA Tokens that allows unlimited transfer and payment for various transactions and services. The LALA Wallet also includes APIs for third-party developers so they can interact with Wallets, access balances, send transactions, invoices and other third-party apps above. This will continue to improve LALA Wallet's capabilities and usage. The Third Party API business model will create more partners who can distribute LALA Services globally to strengthen this network.

Users can easily change assorted Blockchain assets such as LALA, BTC, ETH and DASH using only their LALA Wallet which has an uninstalled exchange mechanism. If users do not understand crypto, they can also choose to keep their currency local Fiat and do not use crypto at all, give users maximum freedom and truly bridge the old world to new.

The more you use your LALA Wallet, the more you are rewarded economically, not only with cheaper transactions, but also via LALA Tokens for activities such as new remittances, raising user balances, or cashing in other users' balances on other accounts ending, products and other LALA referral services as described below.

For the mass recipient of LALA Wallet, we have worked with various entrepreneurs, NGOs, contractors, support groups that bring these migrants to new countries. Throughout their initial training, we will do Camp LALA not only to educate them about this new country, but also to adjust to their new LALA Wallet and how it can help them in this strange new country. New ways of interacting among themselves, group support and other problems they face can be achieved through one LALA Wallet platform.

LALA World Products

LALA Transfer

A Peer-to-Peer local and global remittance backed by crypto as well as fiat

LALA Bill Pay

Local and International bill payments for you and your family

LALA Lends

Domestic and International to give co-workers through crypto and fiat efforts, individuals and small businesses


Crypto and Fiat Cards are synced to your Wallet and can be used in millions of PoS globally


Contains mobile phone with LALA Pre-loaded Wallet, LALA Insurance, LALA Card, Partner products etc.

 LALA ID – One Global ID, on Blockchain and under your control

"Digital Identity is a must for the millions of population migrant workers who visit through our platform every year and we are excited to take the first step with LALA for a truly global experience"

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Your Premise Wallet LALA begins by creating a digital identity that you can carry globally - LALA ID. The team at LALA has a vision - to give digital identity to everyone on the planet, starting with migrants and their unfit families. We also Surely if we have to create a real global ecosystem, then we need a base Identification system that is far superior to the existing ID system. It should be global in nature, but not yet secure, private and available on demand.

These non-populated populations are often excluded from basic rights such as property ownership, banking accounts and social protection simply because they do not have document identity rights. The proof of identity is where it all begins.

LALA World and its partners have worked tirelessly to build a global system identity that includes KYC / AML, biometrics, verification, digital recording, cards, national ID systems and more. It protects your security on blockchain and gives you the freedom to perform various financial services, all in one single Wallet. Especially, your single LALA ID will be able to consolidate all physical and digital identities into a secure, personal identity ambient, pointing to a safe and trusted group of individuals, enabling easy individual interaction in the physical and digital world across multiple vertical applications and praising identity solutions which exists.

Finally ID LALA and its relationship with partners globally become your single
access points on various applications and physical locations. Prototype and MVP already exist and tested in various locations.


LALA's management team and its partners are one experienced crew who has been running wallet payments, money exchanges, remittances and loan business for more than 10 years in more than 15 different districts. On top of our solid networking experience, we have also built great crypto offer - "LALA Transfer", for efficiency, lower cost and faster global remittance service.

Wallet LALA, LALA ID and LALA Token is a major part of LALA World ecosystem.
The LALA wallet allows smooth onboard, ID LALA creates easy verification, AML / KYC and LALA Token provides one mechanism for users, partners, agents / money transfer operators, to make quick and cheap transfers to communities both at home and across borders.

There is also a direct cash incentive in LALA Tokens through a referral program, KYC
/ Update AML, transaction volume not only for users but for all "Partners" in ecosystems such as money transfer operators (MTO), agents, franchises, LALA Force (own employees), contractors, vendor suppliers etc. The LALA Token continues to increase the value and strength of 20% of the NET transaction costs used to buy back LALA Tokens so as to put upward pressure on the price creates a positive feedback between the network expansion and the Token value.

The LALA world and its partners facilitate gradual and additional deposits and withdrawals Cryptococcuses Partners get their own dashboards including transactional analysis, historical customer information, KYC data and top-up functionality that will facilitate the emergence of LALA Franchise.

The labor market of migrants, is our strength and classical emphasis example
populated population With about US $ 500 million flowing through Southeast Asia alone, every year, this population is exploited. In the absence of banking facilities, work in the country and strange new culture, high exchange fees, the number of intermediaries and brokers, no insurance, etc., they have been pressed at every intersection.

At LALA World, our vision is to lift these people. It's just what drives us today to achieve this global task of bridging the various problems they face with various solutions using our technology and network.


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In LALA Wallet, users can choose to order LALA cards, virtual and / or physical debits (and in time for credit cards). As a security measure, we allow users to lock and unlock their cards via the LALA Wallet App. Furthermore, the user can also set restrictions for his family members and sync all the cards to the same Wallet. This makes our system more secure than traditional credit and debit card systems.

Blockchain and LALA Tokens become very central because users can sync multiple cards to the same Wallet LALA, which can then be used as Fiat and Crypto exchange medium without incurring high costs for such transfers at any time. Next, we will It will also come with a loyalty mechanism associated with the LALA Card, so the more you use the Wallet, the more you are rewarded as the holder of LALA Token.

Not only is the cost, much cheaper than traditional Wallets, but also the rewards of large salaries, leads to almost nil when used globally. Customers will be allowed to top-up their LALA Card with ETH / BTC / LALA Token, bank transfer, credit card, debit card or via previously approved credit limit Other third-party partners such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay will be integrated in next time


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LALA has a unique proposition, especially for uninhabited areas where we are already developing MVP hardware for greater penetration. It will also be sold at local corner stores, shops and partner locations in the future.

LALA Kit is for everyone. Small businesses, grocery stores, not taken care of or migrant workers. Purchase LALA Kit from your closest store or partner location and connect to the financial system instantly. No bank integration, no form filling, no long queues, activate your ID and sync with phone inside, start using, pay, receive money. LALA kits can also be ordered online and shipped directly to you at a very affordable cost As migrant workers, for example, can even get LALA Kit before he board a plane from Bangladesh to Malaysia.

We are discussing with some players to bring this together. Initially we will have four items there.

  1. A cheap android phone is currently priced at USD 50 (we bring this down via local subsidies and local partnerships, advertising revenues etc). The phone is ready and is being set up to be sent to Malaysia
  2. Embedded in Kit, will be SIM card (already started in Malaysia & Bangladesh)
  3. Insurance LALA on top of existing "So called" insurance we will give real insurance.
  4. Carrying unique QR codes.
  5. In the future we will also do pre-sync LALA Card, LALA PoS etc.


The focus and vision of our management are very clear. That's why we want to
start with the products and partnerships we've built with more than a decade of experience. We do not claim to know everything and clearly recognize our strengths and weaknesses. Also, there are some things that are best left to experts who are experts at doing so. Therefore, we believe in stronger partnerships. We are good at creating this ecosystem, working Difficult, willing to learn but as we grow and develop, we need a partner. Please do not hesitate contact us at hello@lalaworld.io if you would like to partner with us.

The products mentioned above, in some form or form have been launched in various jurisdictions. MOU and definitive agreements are signed across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Products like LALA Insurance, LALA Wealth, LALA ATM's, LALA FORCE, LALA Franchise etc. are all planned after 12 months. Now we are on track to create a global wallet for those not represented. The roadmap and plans are further detailed in the sections below.


LALA is the ERC20 Loyalty Token, also referred to as the utility Token. We want
highlight that this Token does not represent the equity in the company nor the intrinsic rights true. Please read Important Notice in the end for clarity and other requirements. Funds raised at ICO will be used for further platform scale, evolve in more countries, help to build local communities, invest in small LALA funds for migrant grants, unbound and hire more people for technology and business development. This is further elaborated in the next section.


  • 1 ET will buy 1000 Token LALA.
  • LALA intends to collect 150,000 ETHER
  • The pre-ICO sales period will take place from November 25 9 PM (SGT), Singapore time to 15Th December 9 (SGT), Singapore time. These include retail and institutional participation, including Pre-ICO Bonus
  • Feedback & Review period will take place from 16 to 31 December 2017. This will include feedback, implementation, launch in some countries, many partnerships, PoC, testing and other important news in different countries
  • LALA Early Coins Offer ("ICO") will commence on 5 January 2018, 9:00 (SGT), Singapore Time and end on 5 February 2018, 9 PM (SGT).
  • Eter, BTC dan cryptocurrencies lainnya dapat disumbangkan dan diubah menjadi LALA Token


LALA intends to accumulate 150,000 ETH for further development, development and other growth activities. That is a total of 150 million LALA Tokens to be distributed to these investors.

LALA will create a further 100 million LALA Tokens during this ICO with a total of 250 million LALA Token ("Number of Tokens Made"). Distribution of Token is as follows:

  •  60% of the Total Tokens Created will be distributed in the ICO Crowdsale.
  • 15% Total Tokens Created during ICO will be allocated to LALA founders, earlier investors, technology teams, existing and upcoming Token employees are locked in a pro-rated smart contract for a minimum of 6 months
  • 10% of Total Tokens Created during ICO will be provided to consultants, consultants, community developers and will be locked in a pro-rated smart contract for 6 months, unless specifically approved.
  • 15% of LALA's supply will be credited to the reserve, but not issued. This will be available as a mechanism for selling additional tokens, but may never be issued, about future circumstances
  • In addition, LALA World will buy back LALA on the exchange and open market 20% NET transaction fee from LALA Wallet. LALA repurchased will be used for community development, referrals and other social causes to reward investors and users


Pre-ICO customers will receive loyalty bonuses on their initial investment. LALA Loyalty Token issued during ICO will be a free-floating loyalty asset.

Maximum LALA Tokens to be sold during Pre-ICO – 50% or 125 million 

During the Pre-ICO period from 25 November to 15 December 2017, up to 50% of LALA Tokens (or 125 million LALA) will be issued to complete the initial version of LALA Dompet in November 2017. The objective of Pre-ICO is to create a discussion on current issues, issues raised by the project, to attract the attention of leading experts in the industry, as well as to raise funds to prepare project promotion and community relationships, and prepare quality ICOs. During Pre-ICO, we will offer the following bonus Token for early adopters and investors:

For clarity, the bonus above Token will be allocated above your regular Token
purchased For example, if you bought 50 ETH from November 25-30, you will do so receive 50,000 LALA Tokens plus 12500 other Tokens as bonuses (representing 25% of your 50,000 Token purchases), so as many as 62,500 Tokens.

All funds during ICO and pre-ICO will be stored in multi-signature address, with multi-key structure This multi-signature account key will survive with LALA, Sankalp Shangari and its Investors or Advisers to be selected close to the ICO date. There is a minimum purchase amount of 10 Token LALA per purchase or 10/1000 Ether = 0.01ETH.


Any person who buys at least 50 ETH or more eligible Tokens in Pre-ICO or during the ICO process, will get:

An Exclusive LALA Kit when launched in Q4 2018
100 LALA Tokens to nominate to a charity project of their choice



For more information you can visit the link I have prepared below:

AUTHOR: dey90

BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=731808

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