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Bonpay - Global blockchain solution for financial freedom

This time I will make an article about an excellent ICO project in the future, namely Bonpay. Maybe I will explain how the Vision and Mission of their project, so let's see how they work to build this project. and you will be very comfortable to join and invest in it, if you have seen and read the article I have created this.

What is a bonpay?

Bonpay is a full Blockchain service. This includes various solutions, from Bitcoin storage to plastic or virtual cards, helping to pay anywhere. Enjoy unlimited possibilities in controlling your payment world.

In establishing business policies, the Bonpay Company operates in accordance with the Blockchain philosophy of delivering fast, flexible and smooth financing. Our service promotes an individualized approach to everyone and adapts to the needs of each client, delivering personalized solutions.

The ideal combination of technological reliability, inclusiveness of infrastructure, relevant experience and deep financial knowledge make the Bonpay operation unique. By balancing this key strength, our team can make flexible and precise decisions to deliver the highest quality service to clients.

Your representation and warranty

Dengan menerima dan / atau mengakses setiap informasi yang diberikan sebagian (tergantung keadaan), Anda mewakili dan menjamin Bonpay dan / atau Distributor berikut ini:

  1. You agree and fully understand that BON tokens are not intended to be securities in any jurisdiction;
  2. You agree and acknowledge that Whitepaper Bonpay does not contain any recommendations or suggestions to purchase a token BONN from a vendor or Distributor. Not any investment or contract decision which means this document can not be considered as an investment or other contract, and the fact that its provisions can not be the basis of investment or completion of the investment agreement;
  3. You agree and acknowledge that the information provided in this Whitepaper has not been reviewed or approved by regulatory bodies and regulatory authorities. The publication and distribution of this guide to you does not imply that applicable laws, rules and regulations or regulations are in accordance with;
  4. You agree and acknowledge that this Whitepaper, the launch and / or conclusions of Bonpay ITS, as well as future BON token trades on cardiac crypto exchange shall not be deemed, interpreted or deemed by you as an indicator of Bonpay and / or Distributor, BON tokens, Bonpay ITS and Bonpay Wallet deserved;
  5. The distribution and distribution of this Whitepaper, its parts or photocopies and their receipts are not restricted or prohibited by laws, rules and regulations applicable in your jurisdiction, and if these rules are restricted by applicable law, you are solely responsible for your ownership . in all limits, by removing the responsibility of Bonpay and / or the Distributor;
  6. You agree and acknowledge that if you wish to purchase a BON token, it should not be considered or classified as: 
  7. You are fully aware that being a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise) or a green cardholder of the United States or a citizen or resident of the Republic of Singapore (or acting on behalf of a citizen, a resident or green credit cardholder of the United States or a citizen or resident of the Republic Singapore) You can not purchase a token BON in Bonpay ITS;
  8. You have a basic understanding of the functionality, functionality, use, storage, transfer and other material features of cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based software systems, purses for cryptocurrencies or other token storage mechanisms, blockchain technology and smart contract technologies;
  9. You agree and acknowledge that Bonpay and Distributors and their respective businesses and operations may contain some risks and uncertainties;
  10. You are fully aware and understood that to the maximum extent by applicable laws, regulations and regulations, Bonpay and / or Distributor shall not be liable for any representation or type of consequential damages and other damages such as loss of revenue, profit or loss of use or data, by dependence on this part of Whitepaper by you;
  11. all of the above statements and warranties are true, complete, accurate and not misleading since you accessed and / or owned this Whitepaper and its parts (as is the case).

Bonpay in a nutshell

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Bonpay Wallet is an up-to-date and convenient service, available from a fully functional web version device. Each user will be able to download the Bonpay Application for free on Android and iOS Version in 2018.

By registering an account, users automatically create a Bonpay multiparty wallet and a private key that is initially stored safely in hot and cold storage to protect your funds.

After making the wallet can be directly loaded with kriptocurrency. To do that the user will have to login to his account, go to the Deposit section and select the "With cryptocurrency" option in the list of deposit options or just click on the crypto balance of his wallet. Send the asset to the newly created address listed on the deposit page

Bonpay Crypto Card is the latest technology implementation that makes crypto withdrawal currency available to anyone Such features, such as increased security and simplicity of use make it unshakeable.

Verified users can order one virtual prepaid debit credit card for a virtual Bonpay credit card (in a future credit card) for each currency in their account on the website or (later) within the Bonpay App. After that the user can enter the Bonpay Card from his wallet and choose between various blockchain assets (BTC, ET, ERC20, etc.) to make the payment.

Product excellence

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  • Self-controlled data protection. With the Bonpay security system you become the direct owner of your funds and your private key holder;
  • Risk diversification;
  • Multiple currency accounts Bonpay Wallet supports different types of cryptocurrency and is compatible with various blockchains;
  • Decentralized storage;
  • Ability to transfer and exchange funds in 125+ currencies at a transparent and fair price;
  • Cut-throat blockchain assets protection;
  • Easy-to-use interface. You will be able to control the movement of funds with the help of a user-oriented Bonpay Account interface: a dashboard with graphics and up-to-date information on interest rates, shopping history, blockchain transactions, revenue streams etc. Measured your payment history is also available, so you can manage your own spending on the go;
  • Customization of your account will also be empowered to set expenditure limits, daily limits, withdrawal of your own You can read more about our account customization features in "Primary Product Features";
  • 0.15% of any user payments made with the Bonpay Card. Rewards will be paid each month so that each cardholder can also be a token holder and earn extra profits;
  • Sustainability provided by Decentnalized Liquidity Network (DLN)
Product comparison table

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Key Product Features

The idea of Bonpay was conceived in 2016 and has since become a team of professionals: experienced banking and financial experts, developers, designers, marketers and cryptographers experienced with innovative ideas and solutions have worked on platform development and further growth. We have successfully established cooperation with leading debit / credit card processing and account payment systems that have been opened Since then the following milestones have been achieved:

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  • Card issuing partnership signed
  • First Mpp (Minimum Product) Bonpay Wallet
  • Alpha Bonpay Live Alpha Version
  • Bonpay Wallet, available on any device with a fully functional web version, allowing users to conduct multi-asset transactions
  • Personal account test (beta version) successfully completed
  • Active products since early 2017
  • 130+ countries are supported worldwide
  • Lowest rates for Crypto cards without sacrificing transaction swiftness

Liquidity Networks Decentralized

With Bonpay –°ards clients we can make online and offline purchases with any blockchain asset of their choice and make transfers safely and directly to any corner of the world. With the Bonpay DLN User implementation will be able to manage their payments and transfers, and Convert more crypto cognitive to each other and fiat as easily and as quickly as sending messages.

DLN will give you the freedom to choose the asset and how much you want to spend, and will only take it for a moment.

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So far, the cryptocurrency market is rather popular because of its narrow numbers. This is just a shortage of liquidity (the case is, when assets in the market are allowed to be bought and sold at a stable price). If liquidity gets lower, it affects market immortality. At the same time, if liquidity is high, it will result in more stable markets and prices as well.

Because the traditional blockchain and combination of crypto combination and fiat currency became much closer and convenient to everyday use, past bank operations. The high daily turnover of transactions makes it easy to meet conversions between crypto and currency on demand.

There are often liquidity problems in the market due to exchange rate fluctuations. Nevertheless, this problem was overcome by Bonpay's liquidity network. Unlike the exchange that will save the currency, if the volume of turnover is not high, Bonpay will prevent sharp stock price movements.

Bonpay intends to increase the transparency of the crypto-curent industry and open the market to the masses.

Bonpay accounts allow clients to store a diverse portfolio of currencies that are ideally connected with their wallets and cards. It also acts as a tool to convert funds and is available on any device. The cost depends on the amount of contribution to the network that aims to increase and increase the liquidity base.

Several additional ways were developed by Bonpay to ensure the liquidity network:

- holding our own lockup reserve
- liquidity network reserves 

This reserve provides the availability of on-demand currency pairs at a reasonable price. When the request arises, Bonpay's liquidity network automatically picks the best rate to meet demand.

Participating in Bonpay's liquidity network allows users to complete cross-network transactions at lower rates simpler and faster. Public involvement in the crypto ecosystem of gait is one of the core approaches of Bonpay to implement concrete instant crypto access.

Bonpay Initial Token Sale

Initial Token Sale is an event organized by Bonpay to raise funds for further development and development of the project by selling a portion of its kriptocurrency token to participants and ITS enthusiasts who believe in the ITS project is a safe and secure way to fund and develop existing products and service

The sale of the initial BON token (Bonpay Initial Token Sale) token by Distributor to you as a Buyer is governed by the Terms and Conditions which is a separate document describing the terms of the agreement between you as a Buyer and a Distributor in respect of Bonpay Initial Token Sale.

In any case the difference or inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and the Whitepaper, the former will always prevail.

Why do we need our own tokens?

The Bonpay team has worked hard to develop high quality products. But we will not do it stop. We aim for realistic goals and are full of ideas and commitments to pursue them to make Crypto Usage accessible to everyone anywhere, safe and profitable. That's why we need to expand our team, combining the best developers and marketing experts, bringing together the best of minds and resources in less time. Clearly, the adoption of our ideas in practice, product upgrades and further advances will demand additional funding.

Initial Token Sale is an efficient, simple and quick way to do that. The Crypto community is so important to us that's why we want to enable everyone to be part of a major transformation and evolution in the history of crypto. Initial Token Sale is an ideal transparent way not only to engage all successful people but also to enable the public to earn profits by using Bonpay –°ards, holding tokens and other opportunities (such as voting for the most important project issues) and receiving benefits in the form of additional tokens

Token sale in details

ITS will begin in October 2017. The initial offer will collect 51% of all BON evidence issued by Initial Token Sale by Bonpay under the BON symbol. The token level for sale will be equal to 1/500 ETH, in other words for 1 ETH you will get 500 BON tokens. Cryptocurrencies other than ETH will be converted to ETH

Furthermore, 34% of all remaining tokens in Bonpay will include business development costs which in turn means ensuring a smooth operation of products directly, improving products from market profits, constant market monitoring, creating new opportunities for product users, developing team skills and audience coverage which is expanded.

Another 15% Token BON Token is addressed to the Bonpay team, initial ITS participants and advisors. This token will ensure the BON token value and their interest increase. See the distribution of the following tokens below

The minimum number of tokens allowed per purchase is 10 BON. The fixed limit of the Early Token for Sale composes 200 000 ETH, which will ensure 51% of tokens are made publicly.

Unless the number mentioned above reaches the maximum, 51% of tokens will be adjusted according to minimum and maximum.

Benefits of the Token holder depend directly on the number of users and Bonpay payment volumes. Because we estimate that the BON tokens price will grow, our users will earn substantial refferal commissions in a long-term perspective.

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    Overview of BON Token

    We at Bonpay believe that the key to success lies in the convergence of interests and purposes of Bonpay and the community. We are sure that you share the vision of the future and that is why 85% of all tokens will go to the public. 51% will be made and distributed to the public from the beginning during the Initial Token Sale event and 34% will be retained by Bonpay and / or Distributors held in Jakarta purses that can be publicly viewed and shared with the public over the next 5 years. This should ensure long-term and balanced business development.

    The remaining 15% is dedicated to early participants, dignitaries and Bonpay employees as a reward for their efforts and resources contributing to the project. 5% of all BON tokens will be given earlier supporters of projects that help us launch the Bonpay service, which is already available for use. 10% will be distributed among founding partners, developers and other Bonpay employees as part of a compensation package for the next 5 years.

    Detailed breakdown token structure

    I) 85% of all tokens will be distributed to the public in the future (for Bonpay Initial Token Sale)

    We strongly believe that everyone who is committed to our project and believes in the future should be part of the growth and development of new progressive payments solutions and new industry standards.

    I.I) 51% of all tokens will be distributed early on the Initial Token Sale event. All funds raised will be used for sustainable business development.

    I.II) 34% of all tokens will be used as strategic reserves. It is important for us that the whole community understands what purpose we will use these funds. Considering the Bonpay team's interest in increasing the BON token value, the token amount under the remaining tokens in Bonpay will be distributed with a specific purpose. Bonpay is an abbreviation of transparency regarding token allocation indicated by detailed distribution for ITS participants.


    The way in which the BONPAY team did in collecting funds in the development of this project is by selling Token to the public which is very helpful in the implementation of the program.

    Initial sales: October 2017

    Initial Target: 51% of total inventory

    Development of Business reserves: 34% covers business development costs

    End token time: 15% Addressed to Bonpay team, initial investor and advisor.

    Token Symbol: BON

    Token Price: 1 ETH = 500 BON

    Minimum Purchase: 10 BON

    Here is an article from the ICO bonpay project I created above, hopefully you understand and invest your money in this project, because this project is very good and very safe for your investment in the future.

    If you would like to know more details about this project, I have set up the link below:

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