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FansUnite - Sports Betting on the Blockchain

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FansUnite will revolutionize the sports betting industry by harnessing the strength of the Ethereal block to provide a cheaper, safe, verifiable and transparent bet.

FansUnite will be the first betting platform that combines social concepts with member profiles, member betting history analysis, and the ability to follow other profitable bettors. Our platform will provide incentives for active participation in our community by rewarding members for positive behaviors including: sharing their profiles, posting reasons for choosing and having large group followers.

FansUnite is made by bettors, for bettors, and established with a mission to improve the conditions for sports bettors everywhere. We are revolutionizing the sports betting industry by leveraging the power of blockchain technology to provide cheaper, more secure, verifiable and transparent bets.

FansUnite Platform

Circulating Token Supply

FansUnite Tokens will be used for all platform actions, including bets, paid players, and awards from Community Incentive Programs (see 6.3 Community Incentive Programs). FansUnite Token works as a medium to award or earn participation awards on the FansUnite Token Initial offer platform to be created in one event For more details on Using Token Output and Distribution, see Memorandum of Token Bid.

Pool Supply Platform

Platform Supply Pool will be featured with FansUnite Tokens. Pool Supply Platform will serve the following purposes:

  • Serve as a pool from which all losses are collected and all winnings are paid off. FansUnite is looking forward to the volume of the bet and adjusted appropriately. Most likely this pool will increase gradually as part of the margin bets are allocated (see 6.5 1% Margin). However, an unlikely case handling mechanism from either extreme expansion or depletion of this pool should be installed in place. In the extreme case that the supply pool is running low, the funds will be raised from the margin portion of the bet set aside and if necessary plus the FansUnite Token that was originally retained. In the case of the expansion of this pool, FansUnite will trigger a redistribution of FansUnite Token superiority held at the Supply Pool Platform in accordance with the Community Incentive Plan (see 6.3 Community Incentive Plan). This will allow new members to enter the community, help users earn, and allow our most valuable members to participate in Distributed FansUnite Token.
  • Authorized paying if it is determined that the disputed bet is settled incorrectly. In such a scenario, funds will be excluded from the Supply Pool Platform to correct improper results (see 7.3 Dispute Settlement).

Community Incentive Plans

FansUnite's main goal is to quickly encourage the acquisition of market share and members. Therefore, since most of the FansUnite Tokens are not circulating and trapped in the Pool Supply Platform, from the hands of our Token Token holders, will not be conducive to achieving that goal. Community Incentive Plans are an important component to manage FansUnite Token inventory and support the acquisition of new users on the FansUnite platform. In addition, it will reward the most active and respected members by paying attention to the volume of bets and participation in the unique FansUnite Betting Sports Community under construction. As the Platform Derivative Pool increases, FansUnite will make periodic redistributions to bring new members to existing platforms and awards with FansUnite Tokens. The amount of this redistribution will not result in a decrease in the Platform Supply Pool below the initial seed quantity of 200,000,000 FAN. Part of FansUnite Tokens From redistribution events will be sold at market prices to cover outstanding operating costs, the rest will be distributed to community members based on participation on the platform. The overall weight for our Community Incentive Program is based on the actions we want to encourage among members of our society. These include metrics such as: member betting volume, betting wager with pick, number of followers and social sharing FansUnite believes that our FansUnite Token Holder should be rewarded to help us build the great sports betting community we imagine.

Jaringan sosial

Each FansUnite member may participate to have a publicly visible profile identified by a username or public address (to maintain further anonymity). The incentive for members to participate to have a publicly visible profile is to participate in the Community Incentive Plan (described in 6.3 Community Incentive Plans). Each member profile will contain important statistics related to the member's betting history, including performance in each league, overall profits, percentage of return on investment, note bet, average bet, and so forth. FansUnite believes in transparency and teamwork. Incentives to encourage members to make their profile public by value. Transparent and transparent social aspects FansUnite will let bettors find other beneficial members and help eliminate the need for calories. Furthermore, this tool, which will display performance statistics, will also help people bettor in analyzing their own strengths and weaknesses, thus helping them become more profitable. The captured profile profiles of the existing FansUnite system profiles are provided below:

Note: This screenshot does not show how the profile will look on the FansUnite platform released in accordance with this Token Generation Event.

1% Margin

FansUnite will charge a low 1% industry margin on all bets placed on our platform. This amount will be used to finance operational costs including: developer salaries, marketing costs, legal, licensing and other games. At least 25% of the bet margin will be allocated to the Supply Platform Pool.

Technical Architecture

Ethereal & Smart Contracts

Ethereum is a decentralized public blockchain featuring the intelligent contract functionality that facilitates online contract agreements. FansUnite will utilize a smart contract to keep all the pertinent information necessary to facilitate endless bets on the Ethereal blockchain, which includes:

  • Event information such as start time and participants
  • Taruh informasi seperti peluang, jenis taruhan, dan jumlah taruhan
  • Oracles was chosen to give the event results

Oracle Hibrid Solution

FansUnite agrees with the model outlined by Gnosis 10, where the Oracle Hybrid system optimizes the resolution time and cost of betting, leading to a fully decentralized decentralized solution. For this purpose, FansUnite's system will use five Data Oracles, each responsible for requesting data from an independent data source. A consensus Contract will then handle the business logic Approve data provided by this Oracles Data for event resolution and bets. We believe that the information reinforced by this array of independent data sources will provide sufficient assurance to our members The accuracy of our results in 99.9% of cases. This will allow us to settle bets closer to real-time and return the funds to our members significantly faster than is possible under a fully decentralized approach.

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution systems will still apply for members to manually strike in the event. They feel the bet is deemed inappropriate. A member will be able to trigger a secondary assessment of the incident by placing a deposit of that size greater than i) FansUnite Tokens equivalent to $ 10 (USD), or ii) 5% of the amount to be disputed. While FansUnite wants to make sure that all bets involved in the platform have not been confirmed and resolved through the use of Smart Contracts, if the dispute arises, we will use manual review to determine the truth of the bet.

Managed Server

Managed servers (such as Node.js) will be used to store unnecessary information to facilitate bets without trust. Careful consideration is taken into account to reduce gas costs while still providing an endless betting solution where members can clearly see that bets will be settled fairly. Consensus agreements on events and Creation of bout opportunities will be handled on managed servers, significantly reducing gas costs compared to blockchain management aspects. In addition, the social components of the platform such as the following users, discussions and chats will succeed from blockchain using traditional databases (such as PostgreSQL) for speed, scalability and optimal cost.

Client / Web App

FansUnite understands that it needs to be done Create an easy-to-use client application for broad adoption of platforms. Both web and mobile applications will be built using a combination of Web3.js, Javascript frameworks (like Vue.js and Weex), HTML and CSS. In addition, the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) will be used in situations where it is technically feasible to minimize the information stored in the chain and optimize the cost gas.

Risk management

Appropriate risk management will be used on betting options to reduce liability on certain events Along with increasing one-sided obligations, it will likely be adjusted to attract more targets on the other hand, with the aim of reducing overall responsibility. In addition, the risk management team will calculate FansUnite Token bets allowed to limit the use of current obligations to prevent it
Overrated on any side.

Technical Process - Event Creation

Event creation and bets will be managed on the server using methodologies consistent with Oracle Hybrid solutions. FansUnite will use five API feeds that often request data from independent sources. After a 100% consensus is reached, a transaction will be sent to the blockchain to create a new event and members can then view and post bets on the client application.

Technical Process - Tender Submission

Before betting on the FansUnite platform, members must go through the right one
KYC to validate them comes from legal jurisdiction. Once validated, their public address will be stored in our contract permanently, and any legit bets submitted from their address will be accepted. Members can send betting transactions directly from wallets like MetaMask. For those lacking of smart technology, the option to deposit FansUnite Direct token and betting platform will also be available. FansUnite team values security and transparency and understands that this last option introduces some risk members to entrust their FansUnite Tokens to FansUnite. However, we feel a tradeoff for that Increased use will benefit the purpose of encouraging widespread application of the platform.

Technical Process - Resolution Bet

Each event created in blockchain includes five Data Oracles that will eventually give them the results of the event used to complete all the bets made. Prophecies will periodically query independent APIs (using oracle services like Oraclize) for event results. Once the consensus is reached in those five prophecies, the result will be set at the event and trigger the resolution of the bet made. If the bet is lost, a FansUnite Token held in escrow will be transferred to the Supply Pool Platform. If the bet wins, the FansUnite Tokens held in escrow will be returned to the members and the winnings paid from the Supply Pool Platform.


Start Date: Q4 2017

End Date: TBD

Total Tokens: 700,000,000

Total Public Token Sale: 350,000,000

Platform Supply Pool: 200,000,000

Incentivisation: 80,000,000

Tokens Withheld: 70,000,000





Token Generation Event Structure

The FansUnite Token Generation event begins in Q4 2017 and will end on (i) all tokens sold; or (ii) 4 weeks from the date of start of TGE, whichever is earlier. The Token Generation event will be organized for a maximum of 4 rounds.

The Week 1 Round will provide 3,000 FANs per 1 Ether contributed.

The Week 2 Round will provide 2,500 FANs per 1 Ether contributed.

The Week 3 Round will provide 2,000 FANs per 1 Ether contributed.

The Week 4 Round will provide 1,500 FANs per 1 Ether contributed.

Once completed, the next token will only be allocated for use in FansUnite platform from the excess tokens in our Supply Pool Platform (see Whitepaper: Section 6.2). 200.000.000 FAN used for seed Supply Supply Platform.

A maximum of 350,000,000 FANs may be purchased under the Token Generation Event. An additional 70,000,000 FANs will be distributed among founders, advisors, and employees, on a scheduled 72-week schedule (see Schedule A in the Exhibit section) ("Lock-up Token").

Any rounds that are filled during Pre-Sale will not be completed offered in the Token Generation Event. All unsold token will be held by the Company in the pool for sale on the platform at (i) ETH equivalent to $ 1 USD or (ii) Market Value, whichever is greater.

The minimum amount you want to increase during Sale of Token and Pre-Sale Sales is USD $ 5 million ("Minimum Target"). If the Minimum Target is not reached at the end of the Token Generation Event, its contribution will be returned as soon as possible to the contributors, depending on the funds available to generate the blockchain transactions required to return the contributions made, and where no funds are available, funds are available for this purpose by contributors.

Distribution of sales proceeds: Most of the funds generated through Generation Token will be used by the Company for the primary purpose of speeding up the FansUnite platform development through the expansion of the FansUnite development team that will implement our ownership function. The Company retains a sole discretion over the use of the amount contributed by the contributors during the Generation Token Event, as well as any Pre-Sale events it has.


Management team


If you need more information you can see the link below:


BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=731808

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