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BurstIQ - Health Platform, keeping All Your Data Safe Through Blockchain Technology

Over the last decade, people have seen explosions related to health technology, from personal health trackers, to low cost sequencing genomes, to public health management tools. Currently, data from this source is largely sealed - viewed and analyzed separately or using an Integration overview only with other data sources.

BurstIQ was established in 2015 with the aim of solving three challenges in the healthcare industry:

Health data, with little or no integration to other data sources,

HIPAA regulations, though valuable and necessary, make it extremely difficult to efficiently combine and share data between people and organizations that need them or will benefit greatly from it, and

People often have limited access to their own data, and are often difficult to understand even if they can access them.

Expand access to health.

Make the latest health advances accessible to everyone. Establish an open market where new technologies, precision drug services, clinical research studies and health benefits are available and adapted intelligently to individuals based on their LifeGraph.

Care providers

Facilitate the use of data to optimize clinical results and business operations Minimize the effort required to incorporate new technologies into practice and take advantage of sophisticated ones. care and maintenance plans.

Enable research and discovery

Learn the growing environment of knowledge about the relevance and impact of individual timprove. Inspire new research, facilitate collaboration, and cultivate a fast-paced learning environment

Keep authoritative records secure

Provide a framework for individuals and organizations to create secure, authoritative, and verified data sets Provide market data where data owners can contribute or sell their data, and purchase other data, without compromising security or proprietary rights.

Manage datasets in various domains powered through the BurstIQ Configuration Contract

Approval contracts are built on the principle that most people want their health and their health information private and secure, and we want to control other people's access to where we are informed. Contract Approval gives individuals the ability to control their health information and establish rules on who can access the information.

The platform's ownership structure and Approval Agreement requires a powerful mechanism for creating and managing individual identities. To meet this need, the BurstIQ platform creates a unique Health Identity for everyone; it identifies and protects the identity of multiple individual repositories.


The BurstIQ platform stores, manages, transfers and analyzes complex and complex data sets that combine three core capabilities:

  • An innovative approach to securing data through an expanded block construction.
  •  The management of complex data rights uses smart contracts and dynamic permissions
  • Engine intelligence to empower sustainable learning
The platform consists of three different levels of service: Secure Data Grid, LifeGraph TM, and Ecosystem.

The BurstIQ platform provides the technology foundation for dramatically reducing barriers, tripping, and analyzing data for millions of individuals over long periods of time. For It is not only necessary just to store data, but various algorithms that allow privacy, security, and decision. Data and sell data, sell data, create new data, business opportunities, business ideas, business strategies, and strategies using the required data.

All of these will be available, including through online services. As the main beneficiary, controlling and managing the collected funds, a separate management company BiQ Health will be used.

More information visit the site:


BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=731808

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