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UAHpay - Bank CryptoCurrency Card

Come join the UAHpay project, as you join this project, you will gain profit and make your future better.

Crytocurrency has the power to change the country. In Ukraine almost everyone has their own home, because it allows the financial instability caused by the Government and social reforms in the country. Perhaps during this time many banks steal it Citizens money. UAHPay seeks to implement security with cryptocurrency supported by Government & Banks that will restore confidence in financial institutions. Users will hold many currencies in a secure payment system that can not be stolen with one attack from those who are not responsible.

Implementation of secure Cryptocurrency in Ukraine will restore confidence, security systems and loans that will stimulate economic growth and supply in a cheap banking environment.

UAHPay was founded by a blockchain specialist with strong cryptography and development skills. Already successful in online space UAHPay businessmen have now set their ambitions to change the Nation and restore confidence in the banking system Using our existing blockgain and fiat technology platforms Our platform is ready to provide ICCH Cryptobank trading platform for Ukraine and the World.

UAHPay has been in development for over a year. Its main focus is on developing blockchain technology, trading platforms and applications that will strengthen the UAHPay platform has assembled an expert management team with diverse crypto skills, Ukrainian politics, banking and security.

Spend multiple currencies in one card

Hold, spend and exchange multiple currencies, including BTC and ETC. Access and manage your funds worldwide, Top up your cards with bank transfer, debit or credit card, BTC or ETH. Get access to the Global Crypto Currency bank for loans and Mortgages. UAHPay will be the first Ukrainian Government regulated Exchange & Cryptobank


The UAHPay card will be issued by two of the world's leading publishers and
processing platform We will be listed on two stock exchanges and will hold two license bank shares in Germany and Ukraine. Our goal is to have North America, Permission banking also in the future to exploit other markets.

Our processing platform is an accredited Mastercard © and Visa processor with Level 1 PCI DDD compliance. We will provide support and internal technical card of the concierge service holder

Our UAHPAY app is owned and built for the operation of iOS and Android systems that integrate all of our services in the easy-to-use and intuitive UI easy to understand and use.
Compliance and global integrations is one of our top priorities when we
developed this platform.


Global Banking is at your fingertips. IOS and Android apps have been built at home by our world-class development team with a focus on UI's ease of use and intuitive.

Our apps put you in contact with a personal concierge that is always there for your banking and everyday needs. Our integrated travel events and travel services give you an on-demand offer.



Our pre-ICO will be open for one month starting September 22 at 12:00 EST. We offer an exclusive Black Card to our VIP Founders who contribute more than 25 BTC in our Pre-ICO phase. Our VIP program includes a separate 10% profit sharing pool, VIP No Fee Bank account, concierge, Airport Lounge Access. Participate at any level has a ton of awards that include a ticket to the Kiev International Economic Forum and VIP access.

Our Pre-ICO will consist of 5% of our token sales available to determine our Initial Coin offer price. This will increase to 10% if we reach the initial goal in 7 days. If we do not reach the Pre-sale target of at least 5% of the available tokens, we will refund the total amount of the purchase including the transaction fee. The funds in our Pre-ICO will be used as follows: 25% Development, 25% Marketing, 25% Government Licensing & Legislation, 15% Salary, 10% Card Problems and FX Exchange. To implement the UAHpay Vision, we launched an initial coin offer (ICO) at the end of November to issue UAHpay tokens openly.

The evidence called UAHPay (UAH) will be issued during ICO. Pre-ICO will
launched to determine how many tokens will be issued in total. Pre-ICO participants will issue a repayment certificate that will be redeemable on the day our ICO is launched and the token becomes publicly traded goods on the exchange. Only 10% of tokens will be distributed during pre-ICO. Our HARDCAP will be 1 Billion UAHPay Tokens (UAH).


The development of UAHPay has come a long way in a very short time. We
Continuing Political efforts in Ukraine has put us in direct contact with high level Ministers and others who will have a positive influence as we launch the platform officially to the general public. Recent developments include being invited to speak at the International Economic Forum of Kiev where more than 1,500 politically and influential partners will be present.

Our timeline is projected to split UAHPay's future events. This important event will highlight the global adoption of the system progressively.


Our experienced team of experienced Politics and Cryptocurrency specialists are working to partner with the Government of Ukraine to legalize Cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offer, Exchange and mining in the State of Ukraine.

The benefits of this effort will be felt all over the world and will be interesting
innovation and e-commerce.



To receive UAHPay cards, our customers must download UAHPay IOS or Android App from one of the prevailing and passing stores. Our onboarding process which includes information verification. We will publish and postcards to our customers absolutely free of charge.

Our cards can be used anywhere Mastercards and Visas are accepted worldwide.

Accounts issued to clients may be funded by Bank Wire, transfers Cryptocurrency regardless of our Coinpayment gateway or directly via Ether or Bitcoin load. In the future we will accept credit applications that will allow users to bring credit balances on their cards which can be used to convert between and buy cryptocurrencies Anyone can fill their account with Cryptocurrencies at a small cost.

Spending your Cryptocurrencies is an easy process. The exact number of transactions is spent in fiat transactions using the FX / RAILS platform. This includes withdrawal ATM.
Spending your Cryptocurrencies is an easy process. The exact number of transactions is spent in fiat transactions using the FX / RAILS platform. This includes withdrawal ATM.


UAHPAY has been in development for over a year with its operations & team now based in Kiev, Ukraine. We strongly believe that this is a platform for its citizens.


UAHPay consists of industry experts, former figures of Ukrainian Politics and Developers. Our team is growing fast and we always want to add more professionals and partners.


Founder Ray Reddington from UAHPay will be present at the Kiev International Economic Forum in KYIV UKRAINE. Are you interested in attending? Check out our Pre-ICO package or Buy Tickets Live Here


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