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NIMFAMONEY - platform The world's first cryptocurrency

Nimfamoney - 100% crypto platform for the world's first loan to buy divergence and ICO to maximize your life and personal benefits in the future.

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Who can win big from participating in ICO company. How to do it?

Buy cryptocurrencies that grow 100%, 500%, 1000% within a few weeks,
And even days from as many new companies as possible.

ICO is an opportunity to earn 1000% + profits. We launch
Nimfamoney with the intention that you get the most benefit from you
Investment in ICO. We'll talk about it further. With us in a month can
Getting more than others do in a year! No one wants to tell them about missing such a great opportunity.

Nimfamoney - the first platform for crypto lending, Inside the world. On it you can receive 0% NIMFA tokens that buy it from other blocking companies that go to ICO or directly on the stock exchange. Pay only access to ICO and Crypto + 10% of your total earnings when closing a position. This is a very good project for you to follow because I think it is very useful in your life.

You do not need to sell your house, take a loan in the bank, borrow money from your friends, call your brother in the middle of the night with a request to lend you several thousand to buy tokens from a company that started an ICO in just one hour. All you need to do is participate in NIMfamoney ICO, get NIMFA tokens, and after ICO we can get three times more loan than all NIMFA tokens you will get on our ICO.

This is no joke !!!

Each NIMFA token you purchase at ICO in August 2017 allows you to borrow a token to participate in a new ICO or to trade in inventory. Without the verification and rejection of our party or any third party. All of these.

How to get NIMFA Token

  • Take part in ICO Nimfamoney and purchase NIMFA tokens in August 2017
  • Each NIMFA token allows you to borrow 3 NIMFA tokens to participate in the new ICO and trade in the stock
  • Deposit 3.3% of the loan amount to receive 300% credit as leverage and get the loan token
  • Buy new token on the exchange and ICO; Pay back the loan + 10% of your profit at closing position
  • Now you have a new token that is affordable and you buy using a NIMFA token 300%

Why Invest in Nymfa?

There are some things that investors need to know, if not when again profitable investors, but this token is still cheap. Among them:

  • 100% Secrets: The procedure of granting this NIMFA token without full personal data collection, as it relates to this large sum of money which is private and should not be published.
  • No verification and rejection of members: 100% directly received from the loan cryptocurrency automatically with 0% interest rate (Nymfa play from other companies' 10% ICO profit after completion), I am very easy to borrow money here.
  • 3x Fortunately: Every NIMFA token purchased on ICO is only allowed or a maximum of 3 Token other currencies, I think this is more than enough because what has been said above is very profitable.
  • 100% Decentralized: Digital currency lending funds that this company punishes are not controlled or bound by any organization.
  • Profits up to 200% * more: very steady once all new ICOs (3 ICOs) launch quickly skyrocket
  • Bonus 2.5% * NIMFA tokens: Well this is what I like because all purchases of NIMFA tokens made on ICO by investors earn bonuses, in a way they can convince other investors to buy or use the NIMFA service.
Fund distribution plan from NIMFA count in 100%


10% for the development team (current and new teams)

20% for investor token NIMFA in ICO program (Fundraiser)

60% for NIMFA capital or NIMFA loan to investors (This fund is decentralized)

5% for reserve fund as payment of all commissions (gas limit) for the borrower as Cryptocurrency savings

5% for awards or awards as partner of Nimfamoney

Wait let alone let's join and invest now, get your profits as much as possible in this NIMFAMONEY project before it's too late.

If you are really serious about joining and want to invest with NIMFAMONEY project, you can see the link I have given for complete information of NIMFAMONEY.

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