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Reality Clash - future android games and iphone

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Reality Clash - Before discussing about the first Reality Clash Game, I want to tell you about the future technology of virtual reality and the reality of Augmented and their market. Because some of my article readers may not know this technology.

Reality Clash There is no doubt that these two technologies will be revolutionary in every industry in the future to come, both technologies are trying to revive real life.

Reality Clash uses the real world as a platform, and turns it into a more interesting and vibrant place, allowing you to add to the things you see, with just your smartphone.

Reality Clash is the first game available on iPhone and Android with ERC-20's arsenal of commercial armaments that will bring combat games where the real place in the games is for you because it uses geo map technology on your smartphone, so players will be placed accurately so players Can melihan other players.

Vision And Mission Reality Clash:
Reality Clash will become the most comprehensive and advanced reality combat reality game on the market, supported by Etherum Blockchain.

The team behind Reality Clash has worked in the game for decades and was involved in many hit titles from Activison, Disney, UbiSoft and Microsoft. A playable demo has been developed. After the sale of Token Sale, the funds will be used to develop games to MVP and soft launch in Q3 2018.

About and benefits Reality Clash Game:
In this game as a Clash Reality player, encounter and fight enimies in our local environment by using our existing camera, GPS, compass on our mobile phone. The people around us are allies.
Build defense, headquarters in the game. Setup battles in real life environment by inviting friends. Equip ourselves with various weapons, armor and health packages.

List of Reality Clash Techniques:
Virtual reality:
This is an artificial environment created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends trust and accepts it as a real environment. In virtual reality computers are mainly experienced through two of the five senses, namely Sight and Sound.

Someone who uses VR equipment can look around with the artificial world, and with high-quality VRs move in it and can interact with virtual features and items.

Virtual Reality can be divided into two:
Real environmental simulation for training and education.

The development of an imaginary environment for interactive games or stories.

Augmented Reality
It is the integration of digital information with the user environment in realtime. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a fully artificial environment, Augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on it.

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When an AR device or browser's computer plug-in receives digital information from a known marker, the device starts to execute the marker code and overlay the correct image.

AR applications for smartphones typically include a global positioning system (GPS) to determine the user's location and compass to detect device orientation.

Reality Clash has an arsenal called ERC-20 where you can buy weapons and ammunition. Available weapons have limited edition designed specifically for token sales and only lucky people can participate in token sales.

Two types of coins in Reality Clash:
1.Reality Clash Coin Gold
This coin is only available exclusively in Crowdsale. By having this coin, players can access exclusive powerful weapons compared to others in the game. These coins can be sold on the Clash Reality platform or in the Secondary market. This type of weapon will never be made in the future in that game. So the value of RCC Gold will increase at a high level due to the limited supply and high weapon strength.

2.Reality Clash Coin Silver
When the game launches this coin will be available for purchase at Android and iOS stores that are released for purchase on game items such as weapons, ammunition packages, health booster packages, Mines, air strikes, Drones, customized skins, rifles and ammo bundles.

Apart from Reality Clash it wants to expand its functionality and build some games and in the near future.

Team dari Realty Clash :

Details of Presale and Crowdsale
Total Supply RCC 150,000,000 tokens
Token available at presale 50.000.000
Tokens are available at Crowdsale 50,000,000
Bonus Presale: 50%
Minimum investment: 50 ETH
Why Participate in Token Sales?
Participants will get a free bonus bonus, plus a hefty discount on the price of coins during Token Sale. The price of RCC gold coins will be discounted to approximately $ 0.30 per coin.
This is a 70% discount based on the retail price of RCC Silver coins ($ 1 per coin) during game launches in iPhone and Google+ app stores. Participants in Token Sale will be able to purchase RCC gold coins in exchange for Etheruem Ether.
When RCC games launch silver coins can be purchased through the iPhone and Android app store for $ 1 per coin to buy an arsenal in-game game in our store. This RCC silver coin is not accompanied by any bonuses, discounts or exclusive weapons offered during Token Sale.
In addition, RCC gold coins will give you access to exclusive content including weapons, armor and ammunition. These weapons will be available for purchase and trading from 1 November 2017 on the Clash Reality platform and the secondary market.
Some lucky ones who are lucky enough to participate in Token Sale will have weapons and armory that can be used in the game and will never be available again. You will have access to an arsenal of weapons that no one else has.
The presale starts from August 1, 2017 ends on August 27, 2017.
Crowdsale begins on August 28, 2017 ends on September 29, 2017.
For more details about Reality Clash:
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