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GXCoin the Bridge between Cryptocurrency & the Real Economy

Okay buddy reader back again in my Blog, for this time I will discuss an article about Gxcoin project, surely you will be curious how the trip about the mission vision of this Gxcoin project, let's see in this article, I will tell you about the details of their project.

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GxCoin is created to simplify VC funds for everyone who does not yet know how Using cryptocurrency gives us an advantage over traditional and highly regulated VC Funds.

GxCoin is an Ethereal token issued by Genevive Company to be prepared and manufactured as a distribution, with venture capital for small businesses, because this is all under the guidance of Genevive, the Gx Coin organization will do it.
Business audits provide a variety of criteria covering the availability of basic financial documents, debts, litigation circumstances, and executive personalities along with the analysis of the business plan itself, in the research of various industries to determine how business feasibility and financing are occurring. If all of that is accepted the business will be something Very important in their lives.
Presented to the token holder in advisory role, and the elected will formally receive monetary funds instead of equity shares, along with the help of various members of the community for communication in marketing and business development.

Crucially, Gx Coin will also provide a myriad of navigation tools such as Bancor and Ethereum.Tokenisasi available for small businesses and provide liquidity that is very affordable for the community effectively. Perhaps transaction costs will be much lower, in some cases developing a whole business model to be more effective in some Benefits of blockchain technology.

The Gx Coin token holder is entitled to an advisory vote in this case, where the business is selected for investment, as it will be rewarded with Token Gx Coin appreciation as well as the dividend allocation. Distribution is proportional to the number of tokens that all users have. Gx Coin has been proven by investing in Indonesia, two businesses so far, with four additional in the audit phase; Depending on all the funds it has.
Gx Coin crowd, investments can be made in 40 different companies and the amounts up to, nearly half a million USD each.

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Gx Coin will be measured by its ability to seek or be contacted by high quality businesses like, veterinarians effectively, and grow the business in a meaningful way, although this is not a small task for the Genevive team, experience in equity valuation and asset management, More important To have highly effective and valuable value, all about understanding existing blockchain technologies and how best to implement them, on different businesses and improving their operations, profitability, and services in the community. Emphasis by Genevive in finding companies that adhere to high ethical and creative standards
Differences in their communities can also add pressure to the Gx Coin value, as more users are interested in buying as they observe improvements made by funding and goodwill spreading from all positive business impacts on the larger crypto community.

GxCOIN for your needs
Genevieve provides options and open audits of small businesses and invests in them, and it makes sense that economically all have very large and prospective growth and have a positive impact on society (ethics, action and interaction). Genevieve also works with business executives and works to create their own token, to prepare a strategic business plan, and create the necessary roadmap for a successful future, in the end Genevieve creates and releases the appropriate material and also operates as a platform for them In the ICO project. At each launch, Genevieve will participate from 10-25% depending on the size of the ICO.

GxCOIN for the future now
Introduction of services based on smart contracts (such as Bancor) is the best breakthrough in delivering something new, creating the liquidity and stability needed to build on trust and catalyze the very different appearance and initiative.

The most common knowledge among investors crypto volatile is the volatility and inflation, for the greatest benefit to GxCoins and Small Business will be better to give a very quick and efficient to protect the owner of the token to fight speculation and inflation.

Since its launch in 2014, Genevieve Co. Aims to combine wealth into small businesses that need stability to grow and serve their communities because small businesses are our true wealth to society in the economy.

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Duane Kirkpatrick 
Mr. Kirkpatrick has spent his career working with a variety of large businesses including TeleNova, Compasso Informatica, and Evergreen Ventures as a project manager and business development investor. He has sold several multimillion dollar businesses and produced multimillion dollar revenues at investment banking offices in London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Fabien Dureuil
Mr. Dureuil has nearly 20 years experience as a venture capitalist in Europe and across the world. He has helped develop cutting edge technological operations including an algae farming biofuel operation with a turnover of over $75 million euros each year.


Gx Coin has provided us with a roadmap that clearly outlines their plans at each of their funding milestones. You can view the roadmap at the following link:

Thank you for taking the time to read the articles I made about the Gxcoin project, hope you like the vision of their project mission and you are interested in investing in this Gxcoin project.

For more information you can see a link I have made below:



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